Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game from the creators of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, in which two teams of three must fight in an environment with obstacles and different interactive elements. Your goal is to defeat opponents. This guide will help you Get Any Brawler F2P.

Top 5 Tips to Get Any Brawler F2P

  1. This is obvious but still useful – check your shop. During some events you can get a lot of free things like two free Mega Boxes, free gems, and free coins. So always check your shop especially for Daily Deals because there are no events every day but you can pick up a token every once in a while.

2. Next, you can get a bunch of Star Points for your brawlers who have trophies above 500. You can spend the Star Points on Special Offer Boxes. These are completely free boxes as long as you have Star points. Instead of wasting Star points on skins, you should get boxes. If you’re not finishing the Brawl Pass every season, you are missing out a lot.

3. In case you didn’t buy a Brawl Pass, there is a way to do it for free. You need to pick up all of the gems on the bottom rewards line. And on the next season, you can buy a pass with the gems that you got from it, and then you get the entire top row line rewards. And of course, don’t spend them on skins.

4. Make sure you’re pushing every Brawler equally. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of Star Points, Coins, and other things which are given for increasing the rank. For example, if you’re starting at zero, then push everyone to 100 and then push everyone to 200, etc. Keep getting all the rewards pushing them all up as high as you can.

5. And the last most obvious one is the Power League. Be sure to complete the tasks of the seasons and you will get a bunch of Star Points, which will help you succeed in the second tip.

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