Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Castle Designs

A majestic castle design (Image credit: MCkuryu on Reddit)

The almost-infinite world of Minecraft allows gamers to show their creativity freely. Players can choose from a wide array of blocks for designing beautiful buildings. Because of many types of stone blocks, castles are one of the most popular things to build in Minecraft.

Due to endless possibilities and options, Minecrafters can sometimes have difficulty deciding on a block palette for their castle builds. We have collected some fantastic castle designs to help inspire your inner creativity.

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Minecraft castle designs

Building an entire castle in Minecraft is a vast project that usually takes hours to complete. Having a design already in mind helps build the structures productively. Here are some castle design ideas that you can make in your Minecraft world:

5) Castle in the Nether realm

The Nether realm features some of the most dangerous terrain and monsters in Minecraft. Building anything in this dimension is a challenge in itself. Creating a giant castle in the Nether will be a great build project if you are up for it.

A nether castle (Image credits: dancsa222 on Reddit)

The Nether realm has beautiful blocks like blackstone, warped wood, crimson wood, nether bricks, and many more. You can use them to build a castle that will complement the surroundings in the Nether.

4) Castle by the river

The Overworld has many beautiful landscapes suitable for building castles in Minecraft. You can make a castle near a river like many traditional castles in the real world. For Overworld castles, wooden planks and stones are some of the best choices, but Minecrafters can always play around with different blocks having similar color and texture.

3) Japanese castle

Japanese castle (Image credits: AnimalMaceWasTaken on Reddit)

Japanese architecture is known all around the world for its unique structure and beauty. With blocks of different colors and shapes, you can replicate Japanese castles in Minecraft. Dark prismarine, warped planks, and blackstone are excellent for making roofs, and most stone blocks will work great for walls.

2) Island castle

Island castle (Image credits: LittlePangy on Reddit)

Though castles on the island are not practical, they still look pretty. A lonely castle in the middle of a vast ocean can be used for story building in your Minecraft world. If not on an island, you can build a castle by the seaside. Adding a village to the build will further improve the build’s aesthetics.

1) Castle ruins

Ruined castle (Image credit: Trav_Prime on Reddit)

A castle does not need to be perfect to look beautiful. Adding randomness to builds can surprisingly improve them. After building a castle, turn it into ruins by randomly breaking blocks. Adding lush green blocks like leaves, moss, and mossy stones can make ruins look more natural.

Feel free to share any tips for building castles in the comments.

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Top 5 Minecraft Bedrock Castle Designs


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