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Top 5 Cookie Squads in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Top 5 Cookie Squads in Cookie Run: Kingdom
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Cookie Run: Kingdom is quite an immersive game. You get to play a good old story campaign and you also get some PvP action. The true power of your squad is tested in the Arena.

Ideally, your squad should be balanced with strong offensive Cookies and an equally efficient Support or Healing Cookies. You might also want to add a rare Cookie or two as they cool down faster than the epic ones.

Keeping this is mind, let’s take a look at some of powerful Cookie teams.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – 5 Best Cookie Squads

Here are some of the best Cookie squad combinations to try out!

Sea Fairy Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie Combo

best teams in cookie run kingdom
Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie are some of the strongest Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. Sea Fairy is a bomber Cookie that deals heavy damage to all the enemies. Meanwhile, Pure Vanilla Cookie

To shield the Sea Fairy Cookie, you need a powerful charge and defense Cookie. You can opt for Hollyberry Cookie and Strawberry Crepe Cookie. For the fifth Cookie, an Ambush Class Cookie like Black Raisin or Sorbet Shark will work well.

Frost Queen Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, and Pure Vanilla Cookie

cookie run kingdom frost queen cookie
Frost Queen Cookie

The Frost Queen Cookie is the newest legendary Cookie that you can add to your squad. This legendary Cookie will work well with the powerful Hollyberry Cookie. You can add the Licorice Cookie for his summoning attributes. Meanwhile, the Pure Vanilla Cookie can shield your squad from damage. Finally, add an Ambush Cookie like Sorbet Shark or Black Raisin.

The Old Favorite Combo

Licorice Cookie

Ever since Cookie Run Kingdom came out, a lot of players have been playing a team of ‘available at release’ Cookies. One of them is the Dark Choco Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Vampire Cookie, and Herb Cookie.

Of course, you can replace any of the Cookies as you unlock more. For instance, you can replace the Dark Choco Cookie with Milk Cookie. Similarly, Espresso Cookie can be replaced by Licorice Cookie. This team is enough to cross most of the PvE encounters.

Twizzly Gummy Cookie and Mala Sauce Cookie

twizzly gummy cookie
Twizzly Gummy Cookie

Twizzly Gummy and Mala Sauce Cookie is an great combo that deals heavy damage. You can team up this pair with Pure Vanilla Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie, and Werewolf or Pumpkin Pie Cookie.

Summons Cookie Squad

pumpkin pie cookie
Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, and Licorice Cookie together make a strong squad. Snow Sugar Cookie freezes the enemies while Licorice servants attack the them. Pumpkin acts as a shield to the other Cookies and also deals heavy damage.

You can add the Herb Cookie or Custard Cookie III for support and healing. Finally, you can add Twizzly Gummy or Mala Sauce Cookie for additional damage.

These are just some recommendations. You can always add and pair Cookies and experiment with new combinations.

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Top 5 Cookie Squads in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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