Cookie Run: Kingdom has several interesting categories of Cookies. For instance, there are Charge Cookies who head the squad and charge at enemies first. In the same way, Magic Cookies can deal heavy damage to the enemies.

Magic Cookies can take up one of the middle positions. These Cookies deal damage to all the enemy cookies regardless of their rank. This is why you should have at least one Magic Cookie in your squad.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – 5 Best Magic Cookies

Here are our picks for the best Magic Cookies in the game!

1Pumpkin Pie Cookie

Pumpkin Pie Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

The Pumpkin Pie Cookie was released recently in the Halloween update. She was a featured cookie for the month. The epic Cookie looks adorable in an orange pumpkin and carries a doll along.

Her special attack is ‘Pompon, Help!’ wherein the Pompon gets magnified and deals area damage to the enemies. The attack can affect three players at a time. The best toppings for Pumpkin Pie Cookie are Solid Almond and Searing Raspberry.

2Latte Cookie

Latte Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

Latte Cookie is another Epic Magic Cookie that is frequently used. She was introduced into the game along with the Cream Puff Cookie. Latte Cookie shares the ‘On a Graduation Day’ bond with the Cream Puff Cookie and Almond Cookie.

Latte Cookie’s special attack is ‘Care for a Latte’. Unleashing this attack summons a glowing glyph that pulls enemies towards the center and inflicts damage. The glyph stays there for a while and keeps inflicting damage.

3Squid Ink Cookie

Squid Ink Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

If you like the beach and the ocean, then the Squid Ink Cookie will be a great addition to your team. The Squid Ink Cookie was released alongside the Sorbet Shark Cookie. However, they don’t share any bonds.

The Squid Ink Cookie has a special attack called ‘Ink Tentacle Slap’. Just like the name suggests, the Cookie’s tentacles appear out of the blue and slaps the enemy to deal damage. The best toppings for Squid Ink Cookie would be Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate.

4Licorice Cookie

Licorice Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

If you like villains more than the superheroes, then you’ll love the Licorice Cookie. He plays the antagonist in World Exploration and also has a role in the Dark Mode. In ‘Operation Poison Mushroom’, the Licorice Cookie shares a bond with Poison Mushroom Cookie and Fig Cookie.

Licorice Cookie, with his special attack, spawns Licorice Servants and some dark lightning. They attack the enemy but they also increase the squads defense. ‘Licorice Servants’ has a 14 second cooldown. New servants can be summoned even if the previous ones are still there. Licorice Cookie works best with Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate topping.

5Snow Sugar Cookie

Snow Sugar Cookie (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

The Snow Sugar Cookie is one of the Epic Magic Cookies that has been available since the release. They share a bond with the Wizard Cookie and the Alchemist Cookie in ‘A Matter of Pride.’

Snow Sugar Cookie can literally take the enemies by storm with their special skill. With ‘Blizzard’, this Cookie can summon the Snow King which brings a snowstorm with him. This deals area damage and freezes the enemies. Snow Sugar Cookie works best with a Swift Chocolate topping.

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