Top 5 Bloons TD Battles Strategies


Bloons TD is an amazing tower defense game because there are lots of towers and monkeys to choose from. With so many options, the amount of strategies players can come up is near limitless, so today we’ll be sharing with you a couple of our favorite strategies for Bloons TD. Let’s get started with our top 5 Bloons TD battles strategies!

Please keep in mind that we’ll be referring to the various upgrade paths as #-#-#. The first number denotes the top path, the middle number the middle path, and the last number the bottom path. The actual number itself represents what tier of the upgrade path you want to get to.

1. Engineer Monkey Overclock

An Engineer Monkey Overclocking an Apache Prime.

The Engineer Monkey’s middle path gives them a lot of welcomed utility, such as being able to remove Camo and Lead from Bloons and dealing extra damage to MOAB-class Bloons. This path also grants them the Overclock ability, which lets them temporarily increase the attack speed of a nearby monkey or tower.

Place an 2-5-0 Engineer Monkey near your favorite attack tower — our favorite tower to power up is Apache Prime — activate Overclock, then watch the sparks fly! This is an easy and relatively cheap combo, and it’ll get you through a lot of rounds.

Ultraboost is the final unlock in the middle path, and it grants a small permanent boost every time you Overclock a tower. This is really nice, but it’s also very expensive, so don’t bother unless you’ve got an excess amount of money.

2. Alchemists and Ninja Monkeys

Alchemist throwing the good stuff at a Ninja Monkey.

Ninja Monkeys are very powerful on their own — they can innately detect Camo Bloons, they have very fast attack speed (which can be further increased!), and they can deal with MOAB-class Bloons effectively if upgraded a certain way. They’re one of the best attackers in the Magic class.

If you want to turn your Ninja Monkeys into unstoppable killing machines, pair them up with an Alchemist. Ninja Monkeys, if taking the middle path of their upgrade tree, become stronger when multiples of them are stacked near each other. Couple this with an Alchemist that can toss them the Berserker Brew, and you’ve got a ninja army that can take down anything in sight!

The suggested build for Alchemists is 4-2-0 for a couple of monkeys. If you’re going to buff a lot of monkeys, then you should go 4-0-1 instead, as this allows the Alchemist to buff multiple monkeys a lot quicker.

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3. Sub Spam

The ultimate monkey fleet!

On levels with lots of water, a very common strategy you’ll see is the aptly named “sub spam” strategy. You can probably guess what this strategy is centered around, but we’ll explain in detail anyway: you build a terrifying amount of Monkey Subs in the water and overwhelm the Bloons with extreme naval power.

The first thing you’ll want to do is build a Monkey Sub all the way down the bottom path so that it becomes a Sub Commander. This will be the center point of your strategy, as the Sub Commander adds extra pierce and damage to all nearby subs.

Next, simply place a bunch of Monkey Subs around your Sub Commander, and build them 0-3-2. This will grant them extra pierce, the ability to pop Frozen and Lead Bloons, and extra damage towards MOAB and Ceramic Bloons. Twin Guns and Airburst Darts will greatly increase the strength of the Ballistic Missile, making this the go-to upgrade path.

For even more destructive power, throw in Admiral Brickell, the naval commander hero. His ability, Naval Tactics, greatly increases the attack speed of all water-based monkey for a short time. This is especially helpful against MOAB Bloons.

4. Hero Monkeys

There are a few hero monkeys that can take on a good chunk of a level with little to no help if used correctly. One such hero is Adora the High Priestess. The Long Arm of Light lets her reach Bloons from just about anywhere and deal a lot of damage to them, and Ball of Light can deal massive AoE damage.

Blood Sacrifice lets her sacrifice a chosen tower to give herself lots of experience points and temporarily increase her range and attack speed. Due to her powerful abilities, Adora can handle rounds mostly by herself, though you should place a couple of cheap monkeys down to sacrifice them in a pinch.

Another good hero monkey is Sauda the Swordmaster. Leaping Sword Attack gives the ability to deal with Lead Bloons, which is very powerful. Sword Charge lets her catch any Bloons that might leak, all the while popping anything in the path.

These two hero monkeys are very good and should get you through a good chunk of the level — just make sure to compliment them with a few other towers when you need to.

5. Vengeful True Sun God

The Vengeful True Sun God!

The Vengeful True Sun God is a secret monkey that must be acquired through a very lengthy and expensive process, but it’s very much worth it. The Vengeful True Sun God is easily the strongest monkey in the game, able to dish out extreme amounts of damage. Once you get one of these guys, you’re pretty much set to win whatever level you’re on.

First off, you’ll need to purchase a specific Monkey Knowledge called There Can Be Only One, found in the fifth tier of the Magic Knowledge tree. It’ll cost you 500 Monkey Money, so make sure to save up for it.

Now, head into any level that isn’t in Sandbox or CHIMPS mode. Build a Super Monkey and then upgrade it to a Sun Avatar. Before you upgrade him to a Sun Temple, you’ll need to sacrifice at least 50,000 money from any three tower categories to him.

For example, you could build up very expensive basic, military, and magic monkeys near the Sun Avatar. As long as the game says that they’ll sell for over 50,000, you’re good to go. You can also use multiple monkeys if you need to hit 50,000. Once your monkeys are ready, go ahead and upgrade the Sun Avatar to the Sun Temple. The game will ask you to confirm that you’ll sacrifice the monkeys nearby, so accept.

The next step you need to do is basically the same thing, but this time you’ll need to sacrifice monkeys worth 50,000 money from all four monkey categories — don’t actually go through with the sacrifice just yet, though! That means you’ll need basic, military, magic, and support monkeys/towers that total over 50,000 money from each category.

You’re almost there! Once your four monkeys are ready, you’ll need to buy two more Super Monkeys but make sure that you place them OUTSIDE the Sun Temple’s sacrifice range. You’ll want one of the Super Monkeys to become The Anti-Bloon and the other the Legend of the Night, which is 0-5-0 and 0-0-5 respectively.

Once your Anti-Bloon and Legend of the Night are ready, go ahead and upgrade the Sun Temple to the True Sun God. If you’ve done everything correctly up to this point, the True Sun God will awaken and absorb the powers of the other Super Monkeys, becoming the Vengeful True Sun God!

As we mentioned, the Vengeful True Sun God is the strongest monkey in the entire game. If somehow Bloons are still getting past you, you can buff it any kind of support tower you can think of — Alchemists, Monkey Villages, and the like. This will ensure total destruction of any Bloon that dares to challenge you!

Those are the top 5 Bloons TD strategies for us. We’re sure that you have your own effective strategies, so please share them in the comments below!

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Top 5 Bloons TD Battles Strategies


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