Top 5 Best Killer Builds in Dead by Daylight Mobile


Dead by Daylight Mobile is a thrilling asymmetrical competitive multiplayer game where four survivors try to escape a brutal Killer. Each Killer has their own unique Perks and powers, so which ones are the best? Today, we’ll be looking at the most powerful Killer builds in the game, so let’s get started with our top 5 best Killer builds in Dead by Daylight Mobile!

5. The Hag – Anti-Loop

Perks: Corrupt Intervention, Save The Best For Last, HEX: Undying, HEX: Blood Favor

Add-ons: Waterlogged Shoe, Scarred Hand

Tired of Survivors looping you around pallets all day? This ultimate anti-loop build for Hag is exactly what you need! Bear in mind, this build requires a hard-to-master strategy, but if you get it down just right, Survivors will fall right into your carefully laid out trap!

This build is centered all around the Scarred Hand and Waterlogged Shoe Add-ons. With these Add-ons, the Hag can no longer teleport to her Phantasm Traps, but instead they become solid objects that Survivors cannot pass through, on top of being Hindered by them.

Your strategy is to goad Survivors into potential pallet loop locations, and then drop traps in key places so that they can block and disorient the Survivors. Since you give up mobility from your Phantasm Traps, your Perks will help buy you some time and also get rid of problem pallets.

4. The Oni – Unrelenting Power

Perks: Courrpt Intervention, Infectious Fright, Monitor & Abuse, Barbecue & Chili

Add-ons: Akito’s Crutch, Lion Fang

The Oni is an absolute beast… if given enough time and resources to power up Blood Fury. This build aims to help him gain his power quickly, providing lots of tools to seek out Survivors. The Perk selection will help you locate other Survivors as soon as you down your first one, so you can start collecting Blood Orbs fast.

With Blood Fury powered up, your Add-ons will increase its power even further, allowing you to chase down Survivors at frightening speeds. Don’t worry too much if you mess up a bit, as Lion Fang will increase the amount of time your Blood Fury stays powered up, so be swift but precise!

Once you’re ready to start hunting down the Survivors for good, Barbecue & Chili will help you locate Survivors faster if your Blood Fury is starting to taper off. Become the beast, and stop at nothing until all Survivors are dead!

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3. The Huntress – Ultimate Sniper

Perks: Thrilling Tremors, Corrupt Intervention, Shadowborn, Barbecue & Chili

Add-ons: Flower Babushka, Oak Heft

The Huntress is the queen of taking down Survivors from far away with her razor sharp throwing hatchets. Since her power comes mostly from your ability to aim, The Huntress is as strong as your own accuracy. If you’re good with aiming her hatchets, this build turns you into a hatchet-throwing machine.

This build was made popular by a big Dead by Daylight player, FreakyMy. With the Flower Babushka and Oak Heft Add-ons, your arming and throwing time are increased substantially, allowing you to snipe distant Survivors with relative ease. If you find yourself running out of hatchets too often, you can swap in Infantry Belt for more hatchets.

Your perks are designed to force the Survivors to either stay on the move or hide. Both Thrilling Tremors and Corrupt Intervention will stall Generators, which will increase the chances of Survivors crossing paths with you. Shadowborn increases your field of view, making it easier to land your hatchets, while Barbecue & Chili has its general advantageous uses.

2. The Shape – Ultimate Stalker

Perks: Deadlock, Tinkerer, Corrupt Intervention, Play With Your Food

Add-ons: Fragrant Tuft of Hair, Judith’s Tombstone

Michael Myers is one of the most iconic horror film characters, and so we just had to include him on this list. Be warned, as the following build is considered one of the most lethal and brutal Killer builds in all of Dead by Daylight, so you may get some upset Survivors!

Your objective with this build is to reach Evil Within tier 3 quickly, and all of your Perks are centered around letting you get in as much Stalk time as possible. Both Deadlock and Corrupt Intervention will help buy you some more time to get your stalking time in, and Tinkerer can help you locate Survivors and sneak up on them.

Once you reach tier 3, it’s time to wipe out the Survivors. Play With Your Food will help you secure kills and offset the speed penalty from Judith’s Tombstone, and once you take out your Obsession, you can move onto the next. At this point in the game, The Shape is practically unstoppable!

1. The Nurse – Expose & Devour

Perks: Starstruck, Agitation, HEX: Undying, HEX: Devour Hope

Add-ons: Torn Bookmark, Kavanagh’s Last Breath

The Nurse is already one of the most feared Killers in all of Dead by Daylight, thanks to her ability to jump around in the blink of an eye. This build is a snowball build, designed to get progressively stronger the more you down Survivors.

The core strategy of this build is to collect up to at least three tokens with Devour Hope, as that will permanently Expose all Survivors. Undying is there to help you stop any Survivors from cleansing Devour Hope, but even if they slip past you, the totem will sacrifice itself to preserve Devour Hope. Should you still manage to lose Devour Hope, Agitation and Starstruck can help you take down Survivors, especially when you’re already carrying another one.

Once you drop your first Survivor, the game will only go uphill from there. Make sure to stay away to earn the Devour Hope token, and then start taking down the Survivors! With Torn Bookmark and Kavanagh’s Last Breath, you have unrivaled mobility, so don’t be afraid to use your phase dash liberally.

That concludes our list of some of the best Killer builds in Dead by Daylight Mobile. Got a Killer build that you love to destroy Survivors with? Share with us in the comments below!

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Top 5 Best Killer Builds in Dead by Daylight Mobile


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