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Top 5 Best Survival Builds in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Top 5 Best Survival Builds in Dead by Daylight Mobile
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Ever since it made its way to mobile, Dead by Daylight has gotten millions of download and positive reviews from players and it continues to do so.

There are lots of ways you can enjoy the game by playing as a survivor and you can fill up a ton of niches by using the right builds. So if you’re looking to try out new perks by using new builds, there are many options to pick from.

So in this article we’ve compiled the top 5 best Survival builds you can use in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

The Self-Reliant Build


There are lone wolves among the players. They may believe that teamwork isn’t their strong suit. While these individuals can often ruin team victories, some would like to be able to rely on themselves for the duration of a game.

Dead by Daylight can be played in a lone-wolf approach, and when done well, it can be a pain in the killer’s side. The following are the best benefits for this build:

Dead Hard (David King)

Iron Will (Jake Park)

Unbreakable (Bill Overbeck)

Self-Care (Claudette Morel)

The player can efficiently dodge the killer, hide from the killer when injured, heal themselves, and even pick themselves up from a dying position with these benefits. But don’t forget to assist the crew and don’t abandon them.

The Team Player Build


While some players prefer to play alone, many others prefer to play with others. Playing as a survivor in Dead by Daylight is all about teamwork, and there are a number of benefits to doing so.

When the team is working together, players with this build will help the team perform actions faster and will also defend unhooked teammates. If the squad remains around the player with this build, the build even gives faster recovery from lethal debuffs! The following are some of the team-based benefits:

Prove Thyself (Dwight Fairfield)

Borrowed Time (Bill Overbeck)

Kindred (General Survivor Perk)

Vigil (Quentin Smith)

The Locker Build


Lockers are commonly utilized to hide from the killer in plain sight. Opening lockers takes time away from the killer, therefore they don’t always check all of them. This mod converts lockers from hiding spots to weapons for the survivor to use.

You need to stun the killer, but you don’t have a pallet on hand. There’s no need to be concerned; this design has you covered. Are you in need of a heal but don’t have access to a medkit or Self-Care? That’s something the locker can accomplish as well!

Head On (Jane Romero)

Inner Healing (General Survivor Perk)

Flashbang (Leon S. Kennedy)

Deception (Élodie Rakoto)

The Hook Rescue Build


One of the most crucial jobs a survivor may undertake is unhooking fellow survivors. It is only second to complete generators in terms of popularity. With each hooked or murdered survivor, a team’s chances of success decrease.

Survivors must strike a balance between maintaining their numerical advantage while also finishing generators. The hook rescuer build is ideal for players that want to be altruistic teammates. The following are some of the benefits of this build:

Borrowed Time (Bill Overbeck)

We’ll Make It (General Survivor Perk)

Desperate Measures (Felix Richter)

Deliverance (Adam Francis)

The Healer Build


In order to place survivors in a condition of death, the killer must strike them twice. As a result, in Dead by Daylight, a good healer can go a long way. Fast recovery can set a killer back a long way, forcing them to adapt their tactics in order to keep their hooks.

Healing benefits in Dead by Daylight are equally as good and significant as they are in other games for players who enjoy being healers.

Players can heal their allies fast and silently with these bonuses. For optimum healing efficacy, heal inside the Boon totem’s effective region!

Botany Knowlege (Claudette Morel)

Boon: Circle of Healing (Mikaela Reid)

We’re Gonna Live Forever (David King)

Bite the Bullet (Leon S. Kennedy)


With the above survival builds you can face up to the monsters and increase your chances of survival almost every time. Hope the article has been helpful to you. Happy gaming!

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Top 5 Best Survival Builds in Dead by Daylight Mobile


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