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Top 3 Best Charge Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Top 3 Best Charge Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom has Cookies belonging to different classes. You have Cookies from Defense, Magic, Ranged, and a few more. The Charge Cookie is one of the Cookie classes that falls under the ‘attack’ category.

Charge Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom are super important. They are placed right at the front of your squad and they head your team. Usually, they make the first contact with the enemy. And this is why you need a strong Charge Cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – 3 Best Charge Cookies to Head Your Team

Here are the three best Charge Cookies that can be the helm to your team.

Dark Choco Cookie

best charge cookies in cookie run kingdom
Dark Choco Cookie

A lot of players prefer Dark Choco Cookie in the lead. Interestingly, Dark Choco Cookie is introduced as an antagonist and plays a major role in the Dark Mode. The Epic Cookie shares a bond with the Purple Yam Cookie and Milk Cookie.

The Dark Choco has a mean looking Sword of Darkness which he slams to the ground. Dark lightning deals heavy damage to the enemies and lowers their DEF. As his cooldown is 13 seconds, Dark Choco Cookie can really ramp up your team’s attack. The best toppibg for Dark Choco Cookie will be Solid Almond.

Mala Sauce Cookie

best charge cookies
Mala Sauce Cookie

Mala Sauce Cookie and Twizzly Gummy Cookie were introduced side by side in a recent update. The duo makes a powerful ‘attack’ addition to the team. As of now, Mala Sauce Cookie doesn’t have a bond with any Cookie.

Her ‘Spicy Mala Strike’ deals both regular and CRIT damage. Further, Mala Sauce Cookie has a cooldown time of 15 seconds which means she might make it to the end of Arena battles and Bounties. The best toppings for Mala Sauce Cookie are Solid Almond and Searing Raspberry.

You might like to add some strong Ambush Cookies to your team as well!

Werewolf Cookie

cookie run kingdom charge cookies
Werewolf Cookie

Werewolf Cookie has to be one of the most underrated Cookies in the game. In the ‘Oh no! Allergies’ bond story, he shares a bond with Kumiho Cookie, Pancake Cookie, and Tiger Lily Cookie.

Werewolf Cookies special skill is ‘Transformation’ wherein he takes the shape of a werewolf and does area damage. In the werewolf form, his HP increases and he causes 2x the damage. He has a cooldown of 11 seconds and his werewolf form lasts for 8 seconds.

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Top 3 Best Charge Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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