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Top 3 Best Ambush Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Top 3 Best Ambush Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

No team in Cookie Run: Kingdom is complete without Ambush Cookies. The Ambush Cookies are necessary to build up your team’s attack. To balance a team, you need to have a good offense and an equally good defense.

Ambush Cookies attack the mid and rear Cookies and deal heavy damage. You can pair up Ambush Cookies with Charge Cookies to amp up your attack.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – 3 Best Ambush Cookies to Add to Your Squad

Here are the best Ambush cookies to add to your squad.

Sorbet Shark Cookie

best ambush cookies
Sorbet Shark Cookie

As soon as you unlock the Sorbet Shark Cookie, add them to your squad right away. This is one of the most powerful Ambush Cookies. Their special attack is called ‘Shark Splash’ and it’s quite cool.

Sorbet Shark Cookies takes down the entire frontline of the enemy disguised as a shark. Then, the Cookie goes on to attack two enemies with the highest max HP. The attack also affects summoned entities within that area. The best topping for Sorbet Shark Cookie is Searing Raspberry.

Black Raisin Cookie

black raisin cookie
Black Raisin Cookie

Black Raisin Cookie’s attack looks very similar to that of Chili Pepper Cookie’s. However, the Black Raisin Cookie deals more damage and attacks the summoned entities as well. Further, she has a cooldown of 14 seconds. She shares a bond with the Strawberry Crepe Cookie.

Black Raisin Cookie’s special attack is called ‘Shadow Watcher’. She vanishes and appears in the midst of the enemy squad and attacks them causing heavy damage. You can pair the Black Raisin Cookie with Searing Raspberry topping.

Vampire Cookie

cookie run kingdom ambush cookies
Vampire Cookie

If you like Vampires, then Vampire Cookie will be a great addition to your Cookie team. The Vampire Cookie has a quick cooldown of 13 seconds and he deals heavy damage. He shares a bond with Alchemist Cookie in ‘Sibling Rivalry?’. In ‘Sparkling Cookie’s Regulars’ he shares a bond with Sparkling Cookie, Herb Cookie, and Mint Choco Cookie.

Vampire Cookie’s special attack is ‘Vampirism’ wherein he turns into a bat. He attacks the enemies at the rear of the team and drinks their blood. At the same time, he restores the team’s HP.

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Top 3 Best Ambush Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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