Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Titan Quest hasn’t had it easy on mobile. The mobile version of the classic role-playing game has been released a while back on the App Store for the first time, but it has been repeatedly pulled and released again and again, as developers changed over time. Things have been improved quite a bit since the game has been handled by Handy Games, and thanks to this developer, mobile players will finally be able to experience all the additional content that has been created for the game.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is the mobile port of the game with the same name that has been released a few years back. This game includes the vanilla experience that is already available on iOS and Android as well as all the expansions released so far, including Titan Quest: Ragnarok and Titan Quest: Atlantis, new expansions that have been released for the Legendary Edition.

Even those who currently own the base version of the game will be able to join in the fun from February 2, as Handy Games will release all DLC as standalone purchases. The pricing for these DLC packs has yet to be confirmed.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition launches on the App Store and Google Play Store next month, February 2.


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