Titan Quest

Hack And Slash Game Titan Quest Updated With iPhone X Support And More

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Titan Quest has had a rather rough life on the App Store. The port of the classic action role-playing game has switched developers a couple of years back, and the current developer Handy Games is trying to do everything possible to improve the port, which comes with some technical issues that make it far from being the best. A new update has been recently released, introducing a brand new features.

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The latest Titan Quest update introduces iPhone X support. Thanks to this, owners of the device will be able to play the game in true fullscreen. Sadly, many of the other issues plaguing the game are still there, so don’t expect performance improvements and the like.

It’s a shame that the port is not all that good, because Titan Quest is a very good game. Heavily inspired by the classic Diablo games, Titan Quest allows players to explore a vast world inspired by ancient Greece filled with mythological monsters, beautiful locations and plenty of loot.

Titan Quest is now available on iOS in all regions.

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