Titan Empires Base Design Ideas


Titan Empires is slowly becoming my favorite strategy game on iOS, clearly better than Clash of Clans and all the other similar games out there. We have already covered a bunch of Titan Empires cheats and tips previously, but now it’s time to go a bit more in depth and check out some suggestions for an extremely part of the game: base designs.

Having a perfect base layout in Titan Empires is extremely important for your defenses – both in terms of saving resources as well as, most importantly, doing great in wars. However, having a great base is not as easy as it might sound, so I am here to share with you a bunch of Titan Empires base design ideas to help you build that perfect base.

Before checking out some actual examples of base designs, let’s read a few base building guidelines that will help you built the perfect base:

– Your Keep should be in the most protected area of the base. If that is defeated, all is lost.

– Place decoys in front of walls. These are all the buildings that are not defensive or the Keep. Leave one or two rows between walls and your decoy buildings, for the enemies to have more distance to cover.

– Place moats and walls smartly: if you place a moat near a wall, it’s considered a breach and enemies will be allowed to enter there. Make sure everything is nicely connected and you don’t have any open spaces. Moats can be used just like decoy buildings to spread out your base even further: you can place it one row in front of the walls, then leave a row and then place buildings. The enemy troops will have a ton of space to cover and maybe you will win just enough time for a perfect defense.

There’s a high level of creativity that comes into play when it comes to Titan Empires layouts, and you have below some of my suggestions and base designs for inspiration:

titan empires base design 05

I really hope that you find these helpful and they will become the inspiration for your perfect base!

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Titan Empires Base Design Ideas



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