Clash of Clans clones are still proving to be extremely popular on the App Store and the good thing about the new games in this genre is that they’re bringing in some high quality improvements. Titan Empires is such a game, a strategy title that doesn’t settle for the “CoC clone” stamp and wants to bring some new and interesting features to the genre. Therefore, there are new things you can do and new things to consider, so let’s just check them out in this article featuring Titan Empires cheats and tips for a perfect strategy.

So if you’re having trouble getting the hang of everything in the game or building a perfect base, this article will hopefully help you get a lot better. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out some Titan Empires tips and cheats below!

Titan Empires Base Building Guide

Protect your Keep at all costs
In most games of this kind, the headquarters is the key building on your base, but Titan Empires really makes it important. In other words, if you lose the HQ building (called the Keep in the game), you will lose the battle. So create your base in such a way that all your defense is focused on defending the Keep. Because once it goes, all other buildings go down and you lose the battle (and the resources associated with it).

Smartly place your moat and walls
There’s another nice feature in the game: the introduction of moats. Unlike walls, they can’t be taken down and can’t be passed, so if you place them in a smart manner, you can guide the enemy to areas where you want them to attack and take them down easier. Be careful, though: long ranged units can shoot over moats, so they’re not life savers!

Place decoys
Probably the best tactic when it comes to building the perfect base in Titan Empires is to place the Keep in the middle and all the other buildings around it. The more decoy buildings you have for enemy troops to take down before they get to your keep, the better.

Join an Empire
In Titan Empires, joining an Empire is mandatory as there are a ton of advantages one has after joining one: you can and should request fortifications for your defensive troops that have the towers do double damage for 24 hours (the bigger the level of your Empire Castle, the more fortifications you can request). Also, if you’re in an active Empire, fellow members can help save you from raiders by sending in their heroes to fight the incoming troops. This is a huge advantage that you should really use to the maximum!

Generic Titan Empires tips

– focus on upgrading the Stone Quarries, as this is the resource you will need the most for upgrading buildings and removing obstacles from the terrain.
– save diamonds to get the third worker. I know that upgrading the Essence Mill sounds like a good option too, but in the long run, having three workers on your base is way batter than getting more Essence produced per hour.
– Get free diamonds by completing offers, achievements and being active in your empire and especially Empire wars, gaining rewards. Also, cleaning debris on your base gives you free diamonds.
– Make sure you talk to your Empire members and set up the perfect strategy for the Empire wars
– When it comes to Empire Wars, you can check out the enemy bases before attacking. Make sure you do so before training troops, so that you can easily have the required troops to win that battle.
– Use the essence to speed up things, especially for waking up Titans for a new attack.

Upgrade your Titans
Titans are extremely important in the game, as they can help you save fellow Empire members from attacks, but also because they give you a huge advantage in battles. You can use Titanite (shown in the Titans menu) to level them up, you can equip items on them to increase their stats and also upgrade their skills. Passive skills are usually the best option here because they don’t require extra points in battles to be used, so focus on upgrading those skills first.

You can get extra Titanite by converting your Titans into it. So whenever you get a new titan that you already have (make sure it’s not of better rarity), convert it into Titanite and use it to level up your existing Titans. Alternately, you can use the Titanite to craft your own Titans, but you need impressive amounts to do that: for a Legendary Titan, for example, you would need no less than 100,000 Titanite. That’s a lot!

These would be for now our Titan Empires cheats and tips. If you have other strategy tips, please share them with us in the comment section below.



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