Tips for Gifting Items in Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5

In real life, each person has their preferences in terms of gifts. The same happens in Rune Factory 5 as the in-game characters are fond of some presents and dislike others.

Nevertheless, it is essential to master gifting in the game because these actions will raise your level of friendship. Still, if you start doing this in the wrong way, your efforts will lead to a decrease in the friendship level. Keep reading this guide, which comprehensively covers all the essential tips of gifting items in the game, to raise your friendship levels!

The Art of Gifting Items in Rune Factory 5

First, it is vital not to miss one’s birthday. Be sure to prepare a gift for the occasion. This action will enable you to achieve extra friendship points.

It is also highly recommended to make a present with your own hands rather than purchasing a ready-to-go one. Handmade gifts will increase the level of friendship significantly!

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After five gifts are given to a character, you will be able to get a gift for yourself. If you prepare five items with your hands per day and get friendship points for the first gift only, you will still get a present in return.

In the late game stages, you will achieve a “love potion,” a chemistry recipe that will raise the friendship level by one level!

Now you know all the tips for gifting items in Rune Factory 5. Follow our advice to succeed in the game!

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Tips for Gifting Items in Rune Factory 5


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