As we have told you in a previous article, This War of Mine is now available for download on iOS-powered devices and the amazing RPG game has everything it needs to become a fan favorite on the platform. But we’re not here to praise the game, but help you get the most out of it with our complete This War of Mine cheats and tips to help you survive longer – survive winter and survive the war.

If this sounds like something you’d like to know how to do, then don’t waste a single moment and read on Touch, Tap, Play’s tips and strategy guide for This War of Mine for the iPhone and iPad!

1. Explore your house ASAP
Every time you start a game, you will get new characters and also new loot in your house. This is why it’s vital to explore it as fast as possible and get the reconstruction process started (and hopefully heal any sick people). Make sure that you use the building materials and build as much as possible, too, otherwise you risk losing the resources after the first raid.

2. Feed the survivors just enough to keep them alive – food is insanely scarce in the game and I personally had most trouble related to food and the lack of it thereof. Only feed your survivors every other day and even if you have a lot of excess food, it’s best to keep it for when you won’t have as much as possible. Never waste food!

3. Survivors don’t sleep at night!
Really, there is no point in having your survivors sleep during the night, when most of the dangers lurk outside. Have them on guard duty during the night, and rest them during the day. The more defending, the better (try to give them weapons for even better stats). As soon as the day starts, send the tired ones to sleep and keep one to do some crafting. Switch roles as soon as one is up and you will always have well rested survivors!

4. How to get the most out of scavenging
The most important thing to consider, in my opinion, when sending somebody to scavenge, is the backpack size: the bigger, the better. If there are more people with the same backpack space, send your best runner or the soldier (if you have him). Don’t forget that you have to leave the area before 5AM, otherwise you risk losing your survivor, so leave at 4AM if the exit is nearby or 3AM if you’ve got a lot of distance to cover.

When it comes to the loot that you get, food is by far the most important, so always carry it with you. Also, bring back components, wood and medicine because these are extremely important as well. A good strategy is to carry items around and replace them if you find rarer and better ones. Either way, never return home with empty spaces in your backpack!

Start by investigating the safest areas first and ignore those that have no food (look in the description). Investigate everything when an eye symbol appears as you can stumble upon hidden loot. Also have in mind that the AI scavenges areas too, so it’s the best idea to start with the safest, easiest first, then work your way up otherwise you might end up losing the easy loot.

Don’t forget to actually bring in equipment that’s useful when scavenging: it takes us space, but it saves a lot of time. Some people suggest that you should build stockpiles of loot closer to the exit and that usually works, although there’s always the risk to have somebody steal your entire stash. But at least you can try!

Finally, be stealthy when scavenging and prepare to kill enemies. A good strategy is to send Roman over if you have him, do a clean swipe of an entire area, get as much as you can during the first night and send somebody with a larger backpack the other night.

5. How to survive fights
Ideally, you should never get into a fight. But sometimes, This War of Mine puts you in a situation when conflict can’t be avoided. It’s best to use a combination of stealth and melee weapons: wait in the shadows for an enemy to pass, then when the icon is yellow, stealthily take them out. Alternately, you can try to sneak up on them and take them out.

Sometimes, when there’s not a lot of enemies around, you can draw them into good areas for a kill: run around to make noise, which will attract them toward your position. Hide in the shadows and use stealth to take them out. But this only works if you’re not outnumbered. Otherwise, it’s best to keep calm and wait for the perfect moment.

6. Extra tips
Depending on the characters and items that you get, your survival will be easier or more difficult. If you have characters with no vices, try the items used for vices to get some great deals (so trade cigarettes, coffee and such, but only if you don’t need them!) Build your base at the bottom of the house and try to cram as many in one place as possible, in order to reduce the distance that has to be covered by your characters during the day. Find the perfect balance between fixing the house and building new stuff, but always listen and know when winter is coming, as they’d say in Game of Thrones: because it’s really difficult to survive winter, and you really have to repair the house until then!

These would be for now our tips and strategies for This War of Mine for iPhone and iPad. If you have other tips to add, let us know by commenting below!


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