How to Reach Trainer Level 13 in Pokemon Unite fast

Pokémon Unite is a new mobile MOBA. In this game, you will become a Pokémon Trainer. You will need to gather and train your Pokémon to fight with other Trainers in a competitive match. Like the most of MOBA games, Pokémon Unite has a character roster. It consists of many different playable Pokémon that belong to specific roles.

Of course, as in many other MOBA games, in Pokémon Unite characters have their “inventory” where they hold in-game items. Those items are called Held Items and they boost your Pokémon with additional stats and special passive abilities. This guide will present you the best and the most popular Held Items choices.

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The Best Held Items in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite has a lot of different Held Items you can give to your Pokémon. Some of these items are better than the other, and here is the list of the best Held Items in Pokémon Unite in our opinion:

  • Shell Bell is a perfect item for most of the roster. It fits great with Pokémon that damage their enemies with Moves, as it boosts your damage and heals your character when you hit someone. Also, it reduces your Moves’ cooldown.
  • Rocky Helmet is one of the best defense options. It gives you additional Defense and HP, but the best thing is passive that deals damage to opponents based on the user’s HP.
  • Leftovers are one of the best things to increase your HP and healing potential. It regenerates your Pokémon when it is out of combat.
  • Float Stone is great for its potential to improve the user’s damage and mobility.
  • Muscle Band is an item for damage dealers. It gives you a lot of damage and Attack Speed.
  • Wise Glasses are another item for those who prefer damage. But this time it is for Pokémon that hit hard with their abilities, as it improves your Sp. Atk stat.
  • Attack Weight is another great option if you want to increase your Pokémon’s damage.

This was a list of the best held items in Pokemon Unite. Good luck in your future games!

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