I believe that you love playing The Witcher: Battle Arena just as much as I do (which is A LOT), which also means that you would like to check out and see how all the characters play in the game, which means that you have to unlock them all. Which is not an easy task, especially if you don’t want to spend real life money on them. So I’ve decided to create this guide that will help you unlock the characters / heroes faster and, most importantly, help you get the best characters when you finally have the silver for it.

You only start with three characters, but they are a good example of the classes available in the game: the melee fighter, the mage and the long rage/archer type. More or less, all the other characters play the same, so you should have in mind these character types when deciding which one to unlock next and make your purchase based on your favorite play style. Have in mind though that each character has different skills and you might end up playing with each other differently!


Now back to what matters the most: how to unlock the Witcher Battle Arena characters for free?

The answer is simple: grinding. There is really no other option than to keep playing. You need 700 silver to unlock a character and you only get at least 16 after completing a battle. In other words, for every 44 battles that you play, you get a brand new character. Now that’s not really much, but it does take some time.

Some battles are easier than others: the PvP battles are the most difficult of them all, so I would suggest to stay away from them for a while, because they take the most. Instead, go for the Coop vs. AI battles and you should win those without a problem. Start with the Easy difficulty level and you should be able, with a good team, to complete a battle in a bit over 5 minutes, which is really fast since other games can take up to 10 minutes.

Some matches, once complete, reward you with more points than the others and I didn’t really get the chance to understand how this works. I believed that it’s all based on your in-game performance, but I am not 100% sure about this. However, I usually get in the Coop vs AI way more Silver than what I get in the PvP battles, so you could try that out as well. Also, I found out that I get more Silver coins in Intermediate battles, so the difficulty level might matter as well.

Either way, you have to keep on playing – as much as possible and win as much as possible in order to get a ton of in-game currency fast, then spend it on getting new characters.

But which one to get?

I would suggest watching other people play in the game and choose those that you find the most destructive, even though mastering each character takes some time and it’s not all as easy as it might look when you see them played by somebody else. However, if I were to suggest a very solid first new character for you to invest in, that would be Golem, because he has some really amazing skills – but have in mind that it only is suitable for close combat!

So my advice would be to find a character, master it, then focus on getting all the extra goodies, like skins or weapons, then enjoy destroying your opponents! And if you need some extra help, don’t hesitate to check out our tips and tricks for the game!



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