We talked in the previous tips and tricks article for The Walking Dead: Road To Survival about the importance of having the right ingredients for upgrading your heroes and all the other aspects of the game, and back then I promised to come back with a complete list of ingredients and gear and, most importantly, where to find them.

So here I am, as promised, with the list of ingredients for The Walking Dead: Road To Survival – and where to find them.

The information is also available in the game itself – all you have to do is to click the Menu button in the lower right corner and tap the Gear or Ingredients buttons in your Inventory. But if you don’t want to go through all that and you need a quick overview of all areas and which of them reward you with the needed ingredients or gear, you are at the right place – so let’s get this started!

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Ingredients Locations

HomeMart especially and all other areas: Ethanol, Walker Arm, Bandage, Sedative Powder, Berserk Powder, Blood Plasma, Empty Bottle.

Woodbury Gates especially: Gunpowder, Crude Bronze, Metal Cutter, Purified Water, Coffee Protein, Medication Set, Chocolate Protein

Southeast Woods especially (and onwards): Refined Gunpowder, Booster Powder, Chemical Set, Stimulant, Metalworking Set, Raw Lemon

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival Gear Locations

Area 1 (and all other areas): Work Gloves, Wrinkled Shirt

Area 2 and onwards, especially area 5 and lower: Rain Boots, Neckerchief

Area 5 and onwards, especially area 8 and lower: Sunglasses, Running Shoes

Area 8 and onwards, especially 12: Bloody Jacket, Down Vest, Waist Pack, Safety Helmet

Areas 12 and onwards: Leather Glove, Ammo Belt, Compass, Hiking Boots

There are a lot of other gear items that are only available in Special Locations – and we don’t know yet exactly how that translates in English.

Either way, one thing is clear: if you need one or more of the ingredients and gear items located below, all you have to do is to complete and replay the indicated areas or locations until you get them all. It won’t happen immediately, but that’s the only way to do it!


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