A new Walking Dead game was launched on the App Store, moments after we’ve told you about yet another Waling Dead game. We’ve been playing it like crazy here at Touch, Tap, Play. And between some tough to make decisions, base rebuilding and walker killing, we’re here to share with you a bunch of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival cheats and tips for a complete strategy guide that will take you through all the stages of the game like a breeze. It won’t be easy, but it will sure be fun!

So let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below what we consider to be the best Walking Dead: Road to Survival tips and strategies for the hit iOS game!

1. The moral choices that you make matter
Not as much as they do in Telltale’s adventure series, but they do: each choice that you make will have a different outcome and will change the course of the game. There is no real “best” choice and you can clearly not anticipate them, so follow your gut. I have usually played it safe most of the time and the results were good, but maybe you like taking risks – then do it! There will be no game breaking results from your choices!

2. Don’t claim rewards unless you really need them. They are safe in the missions/achievements tab and they can’t be stolen by other players and there is really no point in getting them unless you really need them. Keep them for quick progress and as instantly available resources when you need them!

3. Use your rush attacks wisely!
First of all, make sure that you know what each of your active characters’ rush attack does and use them when you get the most out of them: sometimes, if the final wave is coming, it’s best to save the rush attacks for that moment. At other times, it’s good to rush attack ASAP to take advantage of boosts that last more turns. A good strategy regarding rush attacks can make the difference in battle!

4. Know the elements
The Walking Dead: Road to Survival follows a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, meaning that some character types are better against some and weak against others. There are four elements (colors) in the game, and you should make sure to know what they’re good against. Tapping an enemy in battle will show you in the bottom bar if there are any fighters that you have which would be better against that element. But make sure to check out the enemy information before each mission too, to know what you’re up against.

5. Level up your main characters
I would advise that you keep no more than 15 characters at all times and that you always upgrade the rarest one first and try to max them out. It would be good if you could have all elements covered with high level characters, but that’s more of a game of luck and patience – instead, just aim at having your best characters leveled up first, and you will slowly get there. Try to use your one star and two star characters as upgrade materials (or the ones you have a lot of, or you won’t use) and eventually, as you play through the game, you will unlock better characters and use them to replace the worst ones. But leveled up characters do make a difference in battle!

6. Replay missions like crazy
It’s nice and fun to play through the missions and progress, but sometimes you’ll have to grind on the same missions over and over again to get more survivors, more items and/or more resources. Replay missions based on the items you need (you can find which areas drop specific items by tapping the needed items in your inventory) and use the resources that you get to train more survivors and use them to upgrade existing ones. It’s a waiting game, but at least it’s fun!

7. Keep your distance from the walkers!
When fighting the hordes of zombies, it’s best to try and attack/destroy the closest ones first, then the ones in the back: the closest zombies will move in faster and attack first, but you will usually have no problem to take them all out before they get close. This doesn’t work with boss battles, usually or human encounters, when they all attack you.

8. When to use autoplay
I found out that the AI does a really good job when it comes to autoplaying zombie battles: I’ve never had any problems running zombie encounters on auto play, but when it comes to fighting humans, I always take charge to make sure that I use the healing when required and target the right opponents: for some reason, the AI seems to spread out the damage and doesn’t take out enemies one by one, as you should, to reduce the amount of damage received.

9. Create more teams
You can have up to three teams active at the same time and you should have at least two: one with your best characters which will be used with your raids/defense from raiders (make sure you set that team to defend against invaders) and one that can be altered during single player missions, based on the enemies that you encounter and challenges that you’re facing.

Ideally, you will have a 4-class team for raiding/defense and a team with class advantages for single player missions. If that’s not possible, always select your best members (in terms of damage and health) for your team.

10. Don’t forget to equip weapons!
Different types of weapons can be equipped by your characters, but not all characters can equip the same weapons, as they are too based on their persona types. So scroll through your weapons, find out which are the best, equip them and sell the rest! However, make sure you never sell other ingredients, because they might be needed to upgrade your characters later on!

11. Upgrade characters
We’re building a list of items and areas where you can find them to make things easier for you, but until then follow the simple rule: max out your strongest characters then upgrade them so you can level them up more. You will need different items for upgrading them, and you can find out in your inventory where those items can be found. Replay the missions in those areas until you get all the required items and you can upgrade your characters!

These would be, for now, our The Walking Dead: Road to Survival tips and tricks. We’re working on more detailed guides, so make sure to check back soon and share your own in the comment section below.


  1. Thanks for making such a helpful guide, was wondering if the flee command was particularly detrimental to to game stats or anything, it seems a shame to use smelling salts during a side mission if I stumble across stronger enemies and just need to level up.

      • I think u can by changing regions. A friend and I first started and we ended up in different regions, because we r newbs it was never explained in the begging to change regions to join factions with people u want. When I looked at the changing of regions, it said something along the lines that u will lose everything or start over. There is also a code In the same area that I’m not sure does anything, I secretly hope it’s a code to let u get all ur stuff back if u change regions. This button is located in the very top left corner, check it out and see if that helps u.

    • You can go to the options and go to a different community which will restart your progress there but not in the old community, aside from the “reset” you can keep and use your coins from previous communities

  2. I am really new, but catching on pretty quick. But… I cannot figure out how to equip any of my team with the weapons that I have. Can you please tell me how to equip weapons to the people. Thanks for any help!

  3. Also, I think you only really need max 2 characters per class use the rest to level up. Then use them based on what types of enemies you are facing. 15 seems a lot!

  4. Hi I have 3 characters 3 stars at a max level and won’t let me upgrade or even let me lvl up anymore (unless I use the ones with the green name) but the bar won’t go up anymore is at 900… I just don’t know what to do anymore anyone that can please tell me what to do thanks..

    • 3 star Hero Charactors can only be leveled to tier 3,by upgrading them, 4 star Hero characters to tier 4,5 star epic Hero’s to tier 5, tier is yellow slash to right Hero’s card, upgrade us next level up when viewing stats, if it’s at MAX LEVEL it must be upgraded to continue, if it lets you add green characters only then Adrenaline Rush isn’t maxed out yet, max it out, it will improve how helpful it is,

    • I’m rather upset about the lies of “ADVERTISING” Cheats! Maybe this was a “LEGAL ERROR ISSUE. With the systems’ in which I am fine with!, If this really was the case:. Adoring fan and. Own all the games!. Vol~.


  5. I have my characters upgraded and it went let me upgrade them anymore and in stuck on levels I can’t beat yet because I can’t upgrade anymore can I get some advice

  6. Are they leveled up to tier 3?
    If you press upgrade, next to level up your person will move up to tier 2 provided you have the right materials to do so. Itll tell you what you need.

    Apart from that, just grind for better people

  7. How do you remove people from the additional rosters. I have 6 teams now as when I swap out auto assigned low level people they go to new team ffs. I want to use them to upgrade but it says assigned to team…

  8. I have 3 4 star characters that need upgrades to a 4 star. I need some weathered journals to upgrade and I can’t find any. They had some on the road map, but they were so hard. The levels were recommended for an S1 team and mine in an A+. How do they expect anyone to get these on this impossible missions?

  9. I’d love to know how to and where to actually get Instantly Level 4 & 5 Characters’ Without spending cash!, Nor Running around trying to research all of this! A real helpful guide for Roads to success would be extremely nice!” however! Just basics I’m realistically looking for! What characters can attack in their rush multiple targets and how do you get them quickly!.????.

    • LEVEL STARS THAT IS:. NO 1 or 2 or 3, unless they attack multiple targets on ther Rush!. That is what I needed to kno” Please and thank you!.


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