We shared with you some tips for the amazing The Walking Dead No Man’s Land yesterday, and today we’re coming back with more content for this great game and in this article we’re going to share with you our opinion on the best team setup to take into battle to increase your chances of winning and doing so in style.

So if you were wondering what team members are the best to take to battle and destroy walkers with, we’ve got the answers for you. It’s worth noting though that even though we have a “best team setup” in mind, some types of stages might require a slightly different setup to make it work flawlessly. So let’s waste no time and let’s see what’s our favorite team setup in The Walking Dead No Man’s Land!

After trying some crazy setups and even sending a full team of Tanks (worst mistake ever!), we found that the following team setup works surprisingly well in the game: 1 Bruiser (the shield icon) and 2 Hunters (the crosshair icon). This works extremely well adopting the following strategy: you always keep the Bruiser on Overwatch, close by to the other survivors and he stuns every zombie that gets too close. You move around the Hunters easily and take out multiple enemies with their rifles. It is true that you attract a ton of zombies this way, but you also take them out just as fast.

Finally, you can do this trick with our recommended team setup: keep the hunters on overwatch too and when they shoot, the number of zombies incoming with the next wave won’t increase. But this way, you might not take out more than one zombie per shot.

There are some rare occasions when this strategy might not work, and in that case you can easily go with one hunter, one bruiser and one scout (the Knife icon). However, the Scouts are what I would consider the worst survivor type in the game, but they have the advantage of being able to one hit one kill the walkers, which is not bad.

We’ve tried other team setups, including: Two Scouts & 1 Bruiser (decent results, but always winning stages at the limit), Three Scouts (not that good), Three Bruisers (horrible!), Two Scouts and 1 Hunter (decent results, heavy damage) and 2 Hunters 1 scout (again decent results, but heavy damage).

Note: At the moment of writing this article, less than 24 hours since the global launch of the game, we haven’t completed Chapter 4 in the game, so we only have a limited number of survivor types. We’ll update this list after unlocking new survivors, IF we find team setups that work better than the recommended ones above.

Do you agree with our suggestions? What team setups are you using with great results?

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