The Trail: A Frontier Journey is a brand new game for the iPhone and Android powered devices, simply titled The Trail on the latter. Created by legendary game designer Peter Molyneux and his team and published by Kongregate, The Trail game / app is a truly unique experience that will keep you hooked for hours, following the trail, collecting and trading items and trying to get to the city before everybody else does. And we’re here to help with some The Trail cheats and tips for the game, tricks that will help you reach the city faster and with a ton of coins in your pockets.

So if you want to keep on going and do it better than the rest, read on our The Trail: A Frontier Journey tips and cheats below for the beautiful experience that’s The Trail game!

1. The trading cheat/trick
This takes some time to achieve, but it’s usually worth trying it. Whenever you are in a camp where you can trade, wait until you are alone. Then quickly start the trading minigame and trade one item. You will always win (since you’re the only one there) so you get a free item. Most of the times, the rewards from topping the trading game are useless, but sometimes they are good quest items or better.

If you can’t start the trading game, simply swipe up to have your character get up and head towards the Trail, then tap the Go back to Campsite button in the lower left corner.

2. Don’t try to win the trading game
Even though free items are always welcome, you don’t have to always try to win the minigame, especially if you play it against multiple other players who have a lot of items to sell. The main goal of the minigame is for you to make money, maybe get a few items that you really need and get rid of items in your inventory to have room for filling it again with more items during your next trip. The rewards from winning the trading game are usually useless items, so don’t sweat it!

3. One final trading tip
I would never EVER sell raw materials unless they really take up space and I can’t put them to good use during my next run. Always try to craft something from the materials you have and sell those, they will invariably bring you a lot more money than the base ingredients!

4. Watch the ads from the billboard guy
This guy is really useful in most occasions: you get to watch an ad, but usually you get a really useful item – most likely a quest item that is extremely important. You can always see what reward you’ll get by simply looking on the guy’s billboard, but usually it should be considered a must to watch the ad!

5. Always keep an eye on your clothes
There are various pieces of clothing that you can wear, each losing durability at a slower or faster pace when you walk. Make sure that you always look at how much durability they have left and be ready to switch them with something new, otherwise it will get more and more difficult for you to actually gain anything from the game. The hat and moccasins are the ones that usually have to be replaced at a faster rate, followed by the pants and shirt and ending with the bag. Always have something to replace them with or buy from the trading game if you get anything. The better the product, the longer it will last so when crafting them, try to use materials of the highest level possible (if you have multiple materials, simply switch them around and use the highest level ones).

However, don’t just craft a new pair of moccasins and a new hat as soon as you equip a brand new one because the inventory space is limited and you need all the space you can get. Usually, a new item will hold for a minimum of two trips, so don’t worry to much about replacing your items as soon as you equip new ones, but always keep an eye on them because you don’t want to lose one Stamina heart or all your items when you run out of space!

6. What quests to take?
There are multiple quest paths that you can follow and you should always get the ones that you can complete faster and easier. However, some are a bit more useful in the long run than the others, and those are the Explorer quests – the ones that give you new items that will help you along the way. Focus on them first, but have in mind that all items that you collect for that particular quest will go to completing the quest itself – so make sure you can handle that. For example, if it’s a food quest, make sure you have alternative food options for your trip; if it’s a quest that requires moccasins, make sure that the ones you wear are in good shape and so on!

7. Look out for raccoons!
Raccoons are extremely important: you have those that steal an item you need and they’re pretty much easy to spot, but there are also raccoons that are hidden from the beginning. Just keep an eye on the environment and whenever you see a tail, pull it up and you’ll get a really useful item – usually a quest item from them.

8. What to do if there are no houses left in Eden Falls?
It appears that some people have this problem: when they reach Eden Falls, no house is available for purchase. If this happens to you, simply open the map, travel to the previous campfire then make your way back to Eden Falls: now you’ll have a house waiting for you there!

9. Micromanagement is key
You will always have limited storage space, even though that will improve as you progress through the game. Try to always have a mental note of what items you really need to craft (clothing items come in first, tools and weapons come in second) and which ones you want to craft to turn on a quick profit. If you don’t remember the crafting recipes – which is truly understandable – you can stop and look at the crafting menu. Randomly picking up items along the way won’t help you much, so always have a plan regarding what you need to achieve during each trip and make it happen!

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These would be, for now, our The Trail game cheats and tips. If you have anything else to share with fellow players in terms of strategy for the game, let us know by sharing a comment below!


  1. Collect blue feathers early!
    Crafting feathers and scraps into native hats is an early way to make money!
    These hats sell for a pretty penny for the materials they require.
    Do this until you have enough to buy multiple storage chests for your home.
    When you learn the recipe for the mountaineering backpack, make this as your main source of revenue. They make > of 1000 each. And you can run the plains trail with a hatchet to chop birch logs, (slingshot optional as beaver scraps are common) , and collect twine (those brown balls). As all resources needed for these high value item are from 1 location, it’s easy to make a lot of them quickly.

  2. When trading, if you can, get all three other traders in before trading (this is so you have a better chance at succeeding in this). When you have all three other traders, you want to wait for the first high value to go out, and wait until it gets at a low price. Then you want to equally invest in the three different traders high-values, and immediately resell them. You want to make sure that every single purchase you make counts, and if you miss the time, then you can always trade it in first next round.

    After all of this is done, you want to select the optional ad to watch, and double your chits.

    The main goal of this, is to buy out all your opponents high-value items, whilst making sure you don’t invest too heavily in just one of them. If it seems that only one of the traders is selling high-values, then buy up the good deals that you can, and go in for another round.

    Once you have this cycle down, you can effectively make anywhere from 400-2000 chits each time you trade. You can start out on lower end items to get an income going, but I would suggest a basis of 3000 chits to start out with. Thanks for reading and remember to be fast about it!

    Hope this helps!

  3. I always seem to run out of stamina between camps and my bag often turns red, no matter how slowly I walk. I’m having to try to eat everything I find along the way but that sometimes isn’t enough.

    Any tips on what I’m doing wrong?

    • You need 2 or 3 hearts in order to make it safely and without a problem. Get a (new) hat and better items – to mocassins, if I remember correctly, also help with stamina. Finally, all items you wear reduce the speed at which your stamina drains, so the better, the longer you can travel.

  4. Bug that could be usefull.

    If you reach the city buy a shelf were you can place items.

    Now when you craft something and need to wait x amount of mins, just place it on the shelf, go ouside your house and back in. Take out the item and you see its finished.

  5. It’s best to craft expensive items for the crates in your town. Donating 20 pebbles gets the job done but in the end there is no reward for your return. The best items I’ve found so far to donate are the green rucksacks if you have the patience to collect the materials.

    • it might be better. I prefer crafting animal carvings such as the bunny or the Statue at Max lvl, its easier to craft, less materials, you lvl up the item faster which increase its price. On my town I alone manage to fill all 13 crates with the Statue at lvl 4 or 5 and receive an income of 1.3M chites

  6. HELP!
    I arrived at Eden Falls and I have a house. I click the back to trail button and it keeps taking me to the last trail that leads to the town. What do I do to move on to the following trails?

    • Did you try to restart the game? Mine was acting similar to that when I was first in Eden Falls. I restarted, passed the town, then went to the camp before and walked back to my town.

    • Use the map icon. It’s in the menu that pops up when you click on the bottom right. It’s above the icons for tailoring and selecting what you want to wear, but below the info/settings/favours icons.

  7. I never bought a house at Eden Falls. I thought I could buy a house in another town so I kept going. I can’t get back to Eden Falls now that I’ve moved onto Sequoia Glen. Does anyone know if I can go back and buy a house? I’m not having any luck.

    • You need to use a hatchet. The better the quality, the easier it will be. They don’t have a lot of hits on them when you first start making them.

  8. Is there a way to sell your house and buy a new one? I wanted one thing and the game sold me another plot. I don’t want my plot, I want a new one. Thanks for any help!

    • You can move to another city with 5 golds by opening the store in your neighborhood. I think jobs are based on the most items you gather during your journey. There’s no option to change jobs currently, so the only way would be making a new account and start from the very beginning.

  9. what is the point once you’re at eden falls? Like, why does my house craft a certain material that I didn’t get to choose and what is the point of upgrading my house, etc. If I leave a metal bolt to be forged, could anyone come and take it? etc.. should i keep going past eden falls or just go to previous sites to gather materials.. why is there no tutorial/explanation once you reach the falls???

    • The crafting is based off the plot you choose. If you pick tanner you automatically start by needing beaver fur scrap. You don’t get to choose that item, it’s just based off the plot you purchased.

      Upgrading your house gives you more space, and allows you more items to place in your house. I think the best items to buy for your house are the ones that give you +% item quality. Then you can craft even more valuable items.

      I don’t think someone can steal your items, or at least, I haven’t had that issue.

      You should keep going to find more items and discover more area, in my opinion.
      I agree, this game doesn’t have a very good tutorial system. That’s why we are here! ;)

    • Yes, anyone can come along and take items. Only craft them if you will be able to pick them up in 5 minutes when they are done. I’ve been nice and replaced the raw materials, but I admit that the first military backpack I used came from the shelves in someone else’s house.

    • It turns red as it is wearing down. The number on the items (example: 5.1) is how many kilometers the item will last. Once it reaches 0 the item is worn out and will disappear. Your bag will return to the size of an original starting bag without anything in the slot, after it reaches 0.

  10. My trade has randomly stopped working. I’m very far into the game, and no matter if I keep going or go back to different zones NO ONE trades items. I’m not sure what happened? I’ve closed out the app, exited it (I have an iPhone) and still the trading isn’t working.

    • Every trade has 0 trades? So you win them all? Sometimes I have traded with nobody else there, so it’s an automatic win. But rarely do I trade with someone who doesn’t toss anything out.

  11. How do I add “chits” to the town’s “chit box”?
    This game is very confusing and does a terrible job of tagging things… just my two chits.

    • At the warehouse, there will be a box that takes 20 items. Whatever item is pictured on the box will be the current one that’s being accepted. But if there’s no picture, the box will accept any item. The chits are given to you after filling the boxes.

  12. I bought a house at Eden falls and bought a shelf for my house. If I store items on the shelf could other people take it? I’ve been to other houses and I can take te items on their shelf and it does not cost me anything.

  13. I’m in a town. Am wondering two things: what is most valuable to ‘open’ first, the Lumber Yard or the community log gathering place?
    Also, do you get MORE gold for crates filled with more valuable items or is the gold just paid for a ‘filled crate’? (For ex. You get one gold bar per each crate filled, regardless of what’s in it.)
    Thanks for a VERY helpful site!

    • the lumberyard then the log gathering place. also the gold is paid per full crate regardless what’s in it, but the item value of a total crate is what earns you and your town more chits.

  14. How do I get past the town of Indy ? I keep going in a circle? How do I go in someone else’s house? How can I sell my house?
    Can I store my supplies in my house?

  15. To answer some questions: first up the shelfs is for anyone to use, including you so be aware that items stored there your townsfolk can take them, so get a private chest to store valuable items to you. me and my town just recently maxed out in the shops, so id like to mention getting the lumber yard first is a (must) why because you’ll need the planks to upgrade your house which everyone will contribute to, so add wood to make planks the planks are shared amongst the town so upgrading the social chat for the town would help. so you can communicate and build the lumber yard together. now we also have the tree fields unlocked which is amazing for collecting wood, get about 80+ wood and 80+twigs. with the warehouse adding valuable items into the warehouse increases the chance of getting your town to win at the end of the week for extra bonuses including chits to share + gold for upgrades. every 12 hours during the week you work together to get as many crates as possible the more crates stored the more gold+chits your town earns for that 12 hours, and keep repeating during the week. we tend to get a set of valuable items together and fill a crate then get useless items to fill up the crate spots to earn more gold every 12 hours. the more valuable items you put in the more chits your town earns (no you cannot put your own chits into the warehouse) quick tip: fill up a few crates of useless items and save up some valuable items to then add to crate. be aware some people might not have the item you donated (if you started the donation) eg. twigs are good to fill up the crates because everyone can get them. your town will earn 1 gold per crate filled per 12 hours, eg. 10 crates = 10 gold. but if you want to earn more chits for the town then you will need to make a lot more valuable crates.

  16. I have bought a home which I have upgraded to level 4..for. My next upgrade it requires some wooden bars which can be found at lumber yard.. But where is this lumber yard? M still at eden Falls searching for this lumber yard.. Plz help me..

    • When you go inside your house, click the yellow “furniture” tab just above the ‘upgrade button’. It’s the second item you see on the shopping items, which costs 4500 chits.

  17. Help, the game keeps telling me I’ve quit a quest this has happened 4 times now, I’m gutted as I don’t think it will let me try again, I haven’t quit anything ……. help

  18. Not sure why I seem to be the only one with this problem, but I can’t figure out how to get my tools to hang in my jacket. It tells me to drag them to the bottom left corner, but then they just fall out of my bag and are replaced on the top again! What am I doing wrong?!?

    • If it’s full, they won’t stay there unless you can really balance them. Also, for pockets… you need to have them in order to be able to use them. One of these is your problem, probably.

  19. Is there any chance that me and my wife can join the same town? Please let me know as his game would be so much more fun with people you know

  20. So… I tried to buy a house and there were none available. So I went back and tried again… three times and still no house available. On the fifth time I arrived in a town and there was a house. I thought I should click on this thing fast while it is still available. But it gliched… I think someone barely beat me to it, because suddenly there was a screen that said I had founded a town and I didn’t want a town and I tried to get out but it gave the town anyway and gave it some default stupid name, and some message about being active everyday…. sigh… and three seconds later my town was full of brand new houses and all these people… I am a *new* player. I have no idea how to “be the founder”. Does anyone know if the name is permanent? Can it be changed? Can that stupid “Welcome Message” be changed? Someone else started the warehouse and this forum has helped me fill our first order…. now what do I do? Do we have to “buy” the chat before we can even talk to each other? HELP!

  21. Ok after playing the game I have figured out how to play with your friends.

    After you arrive at Eden Falls, the name of the city will be w/e the founder has decided to choose for a name. In order for you to be in the same town as a friend/family member, you need to be in the same town. This actually is a lot harder than you think. READ ENTIRE THREAD BEFORE DOING ANYTHING.

    First whoever is joining who needs to know what plot is open on their friends city. 0 plots open=Can’t join. If the city you are trying to join has both Woven Cloth plots open or Moulding plots, I would suggest joining one in the city you decide to settle in. This would increase the chance of you both getting in the same city just incase other people join the city and take those plots.

    Second you need to join a city. WARNING: Do not just choose any city. Browse through the buildings and see if that city has Stage Coach unlocked.(Its the last building on the left next to Pet Store I believe). What that does is allows you to change citys hence joining whatever city your friend is in. If the city you chose doesn’t have it unlocked, then you will have to wait until your city has enough gold to open that store.
    (Don’t worry, just fill the crates in the warehouse and then when the trader comes, your city will get gold for every crate filled. You only need 5 to open it and its very easy to fill crates. 10 of any one item fills a crate.)

    Lastly, you will click on stage coach and search for the city you want to join. Find your friends city and click join. This is going to cost 5 horseshoes so be aware. It’ll explain that moving to this city your whole plot will be moved and you get to keep everything you have but not bring the gold from your previous city.

    And there you have it. If anyone has any questions that haven’t been answered, feel free to ask me.

  22. what are the cheets? i play on i phone and i can hardly do cheets, also is there a end to the game? its confusing and kind of hard but i like games that are like that so plz help me.

    • Do you mean Chits? Chits is the currency used in the game. So far I have arrived at Eden Falls and bought a house. The journey seem to continue with more quests to work on such as upgrading your house, filling them with furnitures, collaborating with neighbours to gather items, opening stores, crafting better items for travelling, etc.

  23. Here’s a tip when choosing quests from the red bird and the quest girl.

    Personally, I found it’s better to select the quests that requires raw materials first. And as you go and collect those raw materials, start making wearable stuffs such as clothes, shoes, hats, axe, for by checking your upcoming quests and use them until the wearable point drops below 1.0. When it’s worn out, go to your house in Eden Falls, store them on the shelves, and wear a new one. Because the clothes you put on the shelf is already worn out, it is not likely for your neighbours to steal them. The idea is to keep stacking work out items until it reaches the appropriate number for your upcoming quest.

    When you have enough worn out items on your shelves and have finished the previous quest, put all your worn out items in your bag and go to a campfire to visit the quest girl. This way, you can finish the quests faster, and the red bird will be taking away worn out items which already has very little worth trading, instead of brand new ones.

    • Yes, you can have as many as you want. Pressing the cost of the image of the item you want to buy again lets you purchase the item multiple times.

  24. How do I find a perfect partner and start a family? They are two of the 12-13 objectives you start the game with. I can’t find the answer anywhere I look. P.S. are there any more letters (I chose from a sister) to get after the 3rd or 4th area?

    • Im also wondering how i can find a partner and settel. I have an upgraded house and some of the town stores unlocked as i go on with the day filling the crates to earn gold. I dont see anyone helping the town at all but me. so in order to marry whats my next step.

    • Just found out from another forum some of the goals starting from finding a partner are not yet added to the game . They will be added in future updates as well as the “coming soon” buildings.

  25. Hey guys I’m already at level 200 but I wanted to upgrade my house to level 11. I’m running low on iron bolts and nuggets. Anybody know where I can get many of those from? (Which level or area?)

    • Some of the goals starting from finding a partner are not yet added to the game . They will be added in future updates as well as the “coming soon” buildings.

  26. Is it possible to play my current game of The Trail on more than one device? It signs me into Google Play when I play it, but I tried to switch from my phone to my tablet and it wanted me to start over again.

  27. Is there a way to make others in my town more active? Nobody has donated anything to the warehouse other than me in weeks or said anything in the chat :(

    • I found that so i moved to another town. Then i started my own town for 30 gold horse shoes. I keep putting food and things on their shelves. Its gr8. I feel like santa. And about 5 of them are regularly chipping in with creates and stuff. I already had a good size house and felt like i knew what i was doing before i started my own town.

  28. i upgraded my house it said that it would take ten minutes and i turned off my phone and came back and it still has the construction curtain and it says time until upgrade and then it has a do i get it to upgrade?

  29. I’m pretty far in the game that the distance between campsites is longer. Even with 5 hearts of stamina and multiple high level food items I collapse 3-5 times and have to use my favours which are dwindling to nothing. How do I make it to the next campsites without collapsing? What am I doing wrong? I thought maybe I needed better clothes but realized that may not be the case…I have (pilgrim hat, pilgrim or adventurer jacket or shoes, pants are permanent and mountaineer backpack). Is it the weight?

  30. People don’t “steal” from you when you use shared shelves. When you put items onto your shared shelving, each town member is able to take all those items AND you keep those items yourself. My town has it down to a science. One town member makes hats all day long and puts it on everyone’s shelves. Another guy is constantly making sausages and omelettes and filling up shelves. Every town member can take all of those (for example, if he fills up 1 shared shelf with 12 sausages, I can take all 12 sausages, my neighbor can take all 12 sausages, another neighbor can take all 12 sausages, every single town member can take all 12 sausages… and the original guy who put the sausages there can take all 12 sausages!). Don’t be afraid of shared shelves! Everyone wins!


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