The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Global Tier List: Best Characters in the Game

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In today’s article we are going to check out all of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross best characters and give you a game tier list with them, so that you can pick only the best ones when rerolling!

There are several good characters in the game, but by no means the best characters have to be SSR. Since you can pretty much pass all of the levels with just your units that you are given, this tier list is for the ultimate rerollers who just want the absolute best.

So without further ado, let’s dive right into The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross tier list of all the best characters in the game!

S+Ludociel (Covenant of Light), Merlin (Divine Protection), Sariel (The Four Archangels), Tarmiel (The Four Archangels), Zeldris (Elite Demon), Ban (Purgatory), Chandler (Pacifier Fiend), Cusack (Napping Reaper), Elizabeth (Holy Warrior), Escanor (Invisible Avatar), Gowther, Gowther (Halloween), Gowther (Hijack), Harlequin, Lillia, Lostvayne Meliodas (Virtual Body Doubles), Lostvayne Meliodas (Ragnarok)
SMeliodas (Knight of Wrath), Meliodas (Assault Mode), Merlin (Boar Sin of Gluttony), Merlin (Collector), Ram (Re: Zero), Rem (Re: Zero), Roxy (Halloween), Rugal (KOF 98), Sigurd (Wielder of Gram), Terry (KOF 98),
Valenti (Magic Weapon MK-II), Zeldris, Arthur (Camelot’s Sword), Arthur (Chosen King), Derieri (Ten Commandments), Deriery (Sweet Temptation), Diane (Ragnarok), Eastin (Sunny Vacation), Eleven (Stranger Things), Emilia (Re: Zero), Escanor (Holy Knight), Escanor (Lion Sin of Pride), Hendrickson (Ashen Desire),
Jim (Stranger Things), King (Grizzly Sin of Sloth), King (Sings of Maturity), Kyo (KOF 98), Lillia (Mastermind), Lillia (Advent of Destruction), Ludociel (Four Archangels)
AArthur (Destined Heir), Arthur (Light of Hope), Athena (KOF 98), Brunhild (Guardian of Battlefield), Derieri (Elite Demon), Diane (Serpent Sin of Envy), Diane (Creation), Diane (Halloween), Drole (Elite Demon), Drole (Ten Commandments), Eastin (Ruler of Stormy Seas),
Eastin (Ocenic Harmonizer), Eren Jaeger (Cadet Corps), Estarossa (Elite Demon), Fraudrin (Ten Commandments), Gilthunder (Chivalrous), Gloxinia (Elite Demon), Griamore (Champion), Helbram (Reincarnation of Revenge),
Howzer (Tempest), King (Harlequin), Mai (KOF 98), Matrona (Mercenary),
Melascula (Elite Demon), Merlin (Beach Girl), Merlin (Ragnarok), Mikasa Ackerman (Greatest Soldier), Mono (Advent of Destruction), Monspeet (Elite Demon), Shin (Dungeon Raider), Slater (Halloween), Valenti (Earthshaker), Will (Stranger Things), Zeldris (Ten Commandments)
BArthur (King of Prophecies), Ban (Outlaw), Ban (Ale Collector), Beatrice (Re: Zero), Deathpierce (Pleiades of the Blue Sky), Elaine (Halloween), Elaine (Sweet Temptation), Elizabeth (Liones), Elizabeth (New Adventure), Eizabeth (New Legend), Elizabeth & Hawk (Reverse), Elizabeth & Hawk (Mascot), Elizabeth & Hawk (Mobile Tavern), Eren Jaeger (Titan Form), Galland (Ten Commandments), Galland (Elite Demon), Gilthunder (Knight of the Holy War), Guila (Rapier), Gustaf (Knight of Ice), Helbram (Forest Guardian), Howzer (Holy Knight), Jenna (Sweet Temptation), Jericho (Godspeed Knight), Jericho (New Legend), Jericho (Knight of Frost), King (Forest Guardian), Levi (Greatest Soldier),
Lillia (Bringer of Disaster), Liz (Memory Fragment), Megellda (Guide of Valhalla), Melascula (Ten Commandments), Meliodas (Dragon Sin of Wrath), Meliodas (New Legend), Mike (Stranger Things), Mono (Deathbringer), Nanashi (Swift Sword), Oslo & Hawk (Knighthood of Scraps Disposal), Oslo & Hawk (Awesome Party), Roxie (Midsummer Sun), Roxy (Mad Destroyer), Shin (Halloween), Slater (Overpower), Thonar (Warrior of Justice), Valenti (Sunny Vacation), Yagami (KOF 98), Zaneri (Sweet Temptation), Zaratras (Reincarnation of Conviction)
CAlioni (Beard of the Mountain Cat), Ban (Fox Sin of Greed), Ban (Nunchaku), Bellion (Six Knights of Black), Cain (Burning Ember), Camila (Executor of Darkness), Denzel (Pleiades of the Azure Sky), Diane (Heart of the Land), Diane (Seven Deadly Sins), Diane (Matrona), Diane (Kungfu Master), Diane (Eternal Promise), Dogedo (Pleiades of the Blue Sky), Dreyfus (Omen of Chaos), Dreyfus (Break), Elizabeth (Boar Hat Tavern), Elizabeth & Hawk (Summer Vibes), Ellatte (Wings of the Sky), Estarossa (Ten Commandments), Fraudrin (Elite Demon), Gerharde (Memories of Three Thousand Years), Gilthunder (Thunderbolt), Gilthunder (Star of the Kingdom), Gloxinia (Ten Commandments), Golgius (Weird Fangs), Gowther (Lione’s Hero), Gowther (Wanted Man), Guila (Explosion), Guila (Halloween), Hawk (Knighthood of Scraps Disposal), Helbram (Royalty), Hendrickson (Omen of Chaos), Jericho (Adventurer), Jericho (New Generation), Jillian (Roars of Dawn), King (Disaster), Marmas (Boom Boom Pow), Matrona (Fang of the Land), Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins), Meliodas (Boar Hat Tavern), Meliodas (Halloween), Merlin (Infinity), Milim (Tyrant of Destruction), Monspeet (Ten Commandments), Rimuru (Ruler of Monsters), Rimuru (Slime), Ruin (Weird Fangs), Slater (Roars of Dawn), Twigo (Confirmation), Vivian (Reincarnation of Obsession), Weinheidt (Roars of Dawn)
DArden (Pleiades of the Blue Sky), Ban (Snatch), Ban (Undead), Benimaru (Kijin), Deldry (Pleiades of the Blue Sky), Elaine (Fairy King’s Forest), Elaine (Fairy of Blessings), Friesia (Weird Fangs), Griamore (Iron-Wall Knight), Griamore (Adventurer), Hendrickson (Melt), Howzer (Star of the Kingdom), Howzer (Liones Royalty), Hugo (Roars of Dawn), Jude (Weird Fangs), King (Protector of Dolls), King (Seven Deadly Sins), Simon (Roars of Dawn), Taizoo (Vaizel Fight Festival)

You can learn more about the game by checking out our game guide where we share all of our tips and tricks.

Also, since in the Global version not all of the characters have been released, this will have to do, as the game is adapted so that you won’t need a specific unit in order to pass a certain level. Just make sure that you upgrade them all and most importantly, enjoy the game!

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Is there anything else that you would like us to cover? Feel free to leave your opinions and suggestions down in the comments section below!

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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Global Tier List: Best Characters in the Game


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