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The Royal Affairs: Knights Guide & Best Knights In The Game

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

In today’s article we are going to show your our picks for The Royal Affairs best Knights in the game that we consider good for dealing with your military matters – and not only! This The Royal Affairs Knights guide will walk you through everything that you need to know Knights related, so if you want to have a better understanding of them, let us explain!

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In The Royal Affairs there are 48 Knights available at the moment, but we will not walk you through each one of them, but instead will tell you which we consider best for upgrading first (maxing out) and especially for leading the Military.

What are The Royal Affairs Knights and how you can train them

The Knights are your main source of power. Each of them has their own trait (or traits – yes, there are several of them who have multiple traits) and some of them even cover all of the traits equally. 

The Knights are very important as well in the campaign mode (when doing the Plot battles) for the last stage, where the fight is basically Knight vs Knight, rather than army vs army. Here is especially important that you have a powerful Knight, who is specialized in Military. 

The Knight traits are the stat that affect their main skill (or skills) and the very best ones that you could max out first are basically the ones that have high Military stats. This will help you better in the Plot battles, as well as strengthen your military forces. 

The Kingdom’s overall power is affected by all the Knights’ stats, but the one that I really suggest that you focus on is the Military one as that matters the most in combat (actually is the only one that counts for combat!). So take a general look over the Knights that you have thus far, and firstly enhance the ones that got a high Military stat.

In order to further increase your Knights’ power, you should also take a look at the Consorts. They each have a specialization (and a preferred Knight as well) and you should focus firstly on the ones which boost the Military power.

By leveling up the Consort which has a preference towards a Military focused Knight, that Knight’s power will also get a boost! To learn more about the Consorts, you should check out the specially made Consorts guide that we’ve put together right here! 

Since some Knights are just hardly focused on the Military (but still got a Military skill in there, a 1* one), you could use this to your advantage in the early stages of the game, as leveling up their skills will be much easier, but they might fall behind in the later stages.

While the Knights specifically focused on the Military are tougher to rank up, they will however pay off better in the end game battles, where their power cap is much higher than the other ones’.

I suggest that you first focus on a single Knight with a strong Military affinity (I picked Matthis) and try to level him up as much as possible. After you get a second one that you consider good (here I picked Alan) start leveling that one too. I chose to go for a Knights with both Military and Scholastics, as I considered that stat to work for me.

Therefore my top suggestion would be to keep those potions and boosts and use them only once you’ve found a good Knight or two that you could consider worthy of long time investment, otherwise all those goodies will go to waste on random Knights which you might not even use.

How to get more Knights in The Royal Affairs

In order to gather more Knights in the game, you will not have to go out of your way to do so, because they will come naturally. 

The Knights will be mainly unlocked by progressing naturally throughout the game. Some will come when you upgrade to a specific level, others might join you from the completed missions, and others will appear when you reach certain stats milestones, such as a big amount of Charisma. 

If you have some funds to spend on the game, you can also opt for the more “pay to win” option, which is basically you charging some bucks in the game to unlock heroes. For example if you want Ingram, who focuses on Military and Politics, you can charge any amount and he will join you. 

Also, don’t forget to send those Knights in the Academy to gather Skill Exp and become more powerful overall!

The best The Royal Affairs Knights

In my opinion the best ones, as mentioned above, are the ones with a high Military power. I suggest going for the ones with two Military aptitudes (you see them in the Aptitude tab), because they can develop in this field the most.

Rodrigo is a good choice in my opinion, as he has two, but I also kinda like Matthis, even if he has just one. Don’t forget that each Knights has their Consort preference, so if you happen to have a lot of Consorts, then pick the Knight with the Consort which gives the most Military attributes.

A few other good Knights in my opinion are Alan, Vincent and Niall, even if he isn’t exactly Military focused. But let’s not forget about Ingram, who is good if you decide to spend any amount of money in the game. 

So always think about the Consorts, and depending on how much you progress through the game, you could swap out some Knights for stronger ones. But nonetheless, the Military focused ones should definitely comes first!

If you want to learn more about the game, then definitely check out our The Royal Affairs game guide, and also take a look at the Heirs guide, because sooner or later it will happen (if it hasn’t happened yet) and you should know how to better use the Heirs to gain more power!

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