The Royal Affairs Cheats: Tips & Guide to Better Rule the Kingdom

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In today’s article we have for you The Royal Affairs tips and cheats that will help you become the best lord of a prosperous (or rather, soon to be prosperous!) empire, which will become the strongest of them all!

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But being the awesome game that it is, it won’t let us down! There’s also a very interesting story plot which you should definitely keep up with, because it’s better than a TV drama! It might not seem like it at start, but give it time and you’ll see just how deep this game’s story takes you!

If you want to truly live the life of a king, you’ll also have to pick a queen! But that won’t come easy! There are many who want to be a queen, but you’ll have to choose wisely. Think about the fact that you’ll also have an heir eventually, so that gives this game a whole new dimension!

But enough chit chat for now, let’s reveal to you our best The Royal Affairs tips and tricks that we’ve got!

Do the Campaign Battles

When you will open the Plot (on the Castle’s gate) you will have here basically the whole story of the game unfolding before your eyes. It is a really interesting feature because it lets you take part in the story just the way it was meant to be, and will let you discover more about the kingdom and the life in the Middle Ages.

By doing these Plot battles (or Campaign battles) you will gain lots of Prestige which will improve your Peerage.  The “minions” are basically the troops, the fighters that will carry out your battles up to the last stage, where you will put the best Knight you have to fight. 

If you are lucky, you will sometimes get some random items from the battles, which may help you in the future!

I suggest that you fight those battles as best you can, until you can’t progress anymore, because  they are quick and  good way to progress in the game. Since the fights are fairly easy at start, you won’t have much to worry about, but later on you might want to upgrade your Knights and troops a little in order to deal with tougher opponents. 

Deal with the Council Affairs

In the kingdom, you will notice a big building called the Council. You should check this often, because it might have some affairs for you to take care of. Being the good ruler that you are, you should always check the options well and decide on the one that will benefit the population and the kingdom the most. 

Level up your character quickly

To level up you will need Prestige points, which can be obtained by fighting those Campaign battles (or Plot battles), by completing quests or by meeting the council to solve those pesky Council Affairs. 

You will sometimes also find some potions in your Inventory that will grant you Prestige (or experience points), so keep an eye out for these! They are also other useful potions (to increase Charisma and so on), so always make sure you check out what you can use them and definitely pick the best Knight you have to use them on!

Upgrade your Knights constantly

The Knights you have basically contribute to your overall stats. Each of the Knights you have and will acquire in the future will be specialized in a field: Military Field, Scholastics Field, Politics Field and Charisma!

You should check what each of their skill does and learn when they are best used. For example, you will never send a Scholar expert to deal with a Military issues or to fight your Campaign battles because it may not turn out for the best.

You should level up the Knights as well, but be wary of your gold! It will run out in seconds if you use the x10 level up option. I suggest that the first thing you should do is level up all the Knights equally to level 30. After that, go battle some more and earn even more Gold.

Once you have gathered quite a nice amount of Gold again, go ahead and train your best Military Knight up to level 50-60. Once you’ve done these upgrades, you’re probably going to need more Gold. After paying a visit to the Council, and gather the Gold and Military troops from Managing Realms. 

After doing these, you’re basically set to win many fights from here on out. Just remember to always upgrade them constantly!

Visit the Academy

In the Academy you can have a maximum of 10 Knights learning and improving their traits. At the Academy, once you unlock 5 slots you will be able to Quick Study! It’s a great way to gather Aptitude experience and Skill experience, so I suggest enrolling in the Kingdom’s Academy ASAP!

Also, don’t forget to come back every 3 hours to check up on the Knights you sent there, and send other ones (or the same ones) to improve constantly. I suggest always doing this before going to sleep or closing the game, because the timer will run even when you aren’t actively playing the game.

Pay a visit to the Castle and get a Consort

Consorts are basically the ladies that you will meet, have kids with and eventually marry. As this is an important feature of the game, you should get on it as soon as possible! The very first Consort you will meet is Sidonie and she has pretty good Consort skills, but there are many more to meet!

In order to better interact with the Consorts, you will need Charisma, as that influences the Consort’s experience. Also, bear in mind that whenever you choose to Visit a Consort, there is a high chance that she will produce an heir! 

You can meet other Consorts in the Town, so make sure you woo your way around the ones that you like – or why not, woo them all! 

After you’ve charmed a few Consorts, you can do the Random Visit and the game will randomly select one that you will meet with. I suggest doing this whenever it is available, as it is free and recharges after a while!

What about the Heirs?

The Heirs are basically there to further empower your Kingdom and you! Since you can produce multiple heirs with a single Consort, it’s good for start when you will need to train them and basically grow them to adulthood! 

The game will only have 2 free Heir slots at the beginning, but you could unlock a third one by spending 300 Gems. I suggest that you do that when you have the Gems, because it will allow you to raise 3 at the same time.

These would be all The Royal Affairs tips and tricks we have for you right now! If you know some other cool tips and suggestions for the game, leave them down in the comments below to be shared with everybody who loves this game as much as we do!

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The Royal Affairs Cheats: Tips & Guide to Better Rule the Kingdom

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