The King of Fighters Allstar: Tier List


In today’s article we are going to cover the King of Fighters Allstar tier list and give you a list of all the best characters from KOF Allstar, because if you want to form a good team, then you will definitely need some help getting to know which are some powerful caracters!

So if you want to learn what are all the best fighters in The King of Fighters Allstar, then you came to the right place – because we will give you the characters tier list alongside their abilities so that you will know why we picked them!

Are you ready to dive into the King of Fighters Allstar Tier List? Then let’s get right into it and not waste another second!

S Tier

BS OrochiBalanced
BS RugalAttack
Goenitz ‘96Attack
Orochi ‘97Balanced
Winter Love Messenger GoroDefense
Mr. Karate XIIIAttack

A Tier

Lady Zero (Original)Attack
Halloween Gatecrasher AliceAttack
John CenaBalanced
Halloween Gatecrasher ChrisAttack
Lady Mr. BigDefense
Terry Bogard ‘03Balanced
Nameless ‘02Defense
Saiki XIIIDefense
Lovely KulaBalanced
NESTS Style Kyo XIIIBalanced
Zero (Original) ‘01Attack
Lady Kim KaphwanDefense

B Tier

Baseball VanessaAttack
Geese Howard XIVAttack
Lady Geese HowardAttack
Elisabeth Blanc TorcheAttack
Ryo Sakazaki XIVAttack
Summer Night MatureAttack
Igniz ‘01Attack
Omega Rugal ‘98Attack
Adelheid ‘03Attack
Lady MaximaAttack
Orochi Leona ‘97Balanced
Rock Howard XIVBalanced
The RockAttack
Midsummer Night ViceDefense

C Tier

Nakoruru XIVBalanced
Kazuya MishimaBalanced
Krizalid ‘99Balanced
White Yaksha Gintoki SakataBalanced
Kotarou KatsuraBalanced
Orochi Chris ‘97Balanced
Lady Zero (Clone)Balanced
Silent Night ElisabethBalanced
Ash Crimson ‘03Defense
The UndertakerDefense
Lady BrianDefense
Lady Chang KoehanDefense
Leona Heidern XIIDefense
Zero (Clone) ‘00Defense
Orochi Iori ‘97Attack
Genjuro KibagamiAttack
Orochi Shermie ‘97Attack

D Tier

Baseball ShermieDefense
Isao KondouDefense
Becky LynchDefense
Orochi YashiroDefense
Gintoki SakataDefense
Kula Diamond ‘00Balanced
False Advent OrochiBalanced
Charlotte Christine De ColdeBalanced
The People’s Champ: The RockBalanced
Toushirou HijikataBalanced
Jin KazamaBalanced
Paul PhoenixAttack
Doctor of Thuganomics John CenaAttack
Shinsuke TakasugiAttack
Heihachi MishimaAttack
Kofi KingstonAttack
Lady YashiroAttack
Sougo OkitaAttack
Ling XiaoyuAttack

The characters which I have selected in the S tier are most likely the ones which are going to help you the most, with the ones following in the A tier . They are all good, and the ones in the A tier list are also slightly better than the rest. So try to aim for these when you are putting together a team and you won’t have any issues not winning the fights!

This would conclude out KOF Allstar tier list, and if you would like to learn more about the game don’t forget to check out our The King of Fighters Allstar game guide right here to learn all the tips and tricks that we have learned!

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The King of Fighters Allstar: Tier List


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