After The Simpsons and Family Guy, it’s time for another famous cartoon to challenge us rebuild a city. The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock has just been launched on the App Store and it’s a perfect game for Flintstones fans, bringing us all the beloved characters and some nice gameplay features along the way. And since building Bedrock is not easy, we are here to share with you a complete set of The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock cheats and tips, hopefully creating the Ultimate Strategy Guide for you.

UPDATE: It seems that the game has been pulled from the App Store and discontinued. Read the full story here.


Get ready for a lengthy trip and let’s all have fun reading The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock tips and cheats below!

How to get more Clams fast

Clams are the “coins” in this game and they are required to purchase most of the things in your house. In order to get more Clams fast in The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock, here are a few tips:

– Whenever your characters are not busy, have them perform an action. If you can be active and have them perform short actions over and over again, you’ll get more Clams (and XP points) than from longer actions. Whenever you go offline, make sure that all the characters are doing something – the longest possible action.
– Build the workers in the city (when in city mode, get the Workers from the Shop – the last category to access buildings that give you extra money)
– Complete quests – they reward you with a ton of things, including Clams. This is the easiest way to make a ton fast and progress through the game, unlocking new characters and therefore more actions for you to perform.

Generic The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock tips & tricks

– Get free gold by logging in to Facebook, watch videos or complete offers. Take advantage of all these while the offers last!
– Buy all items that have interactions as they usually reward you with Clams, rock or XP points (or all of them!)
– Add more neighbors and visit their Bedrocks for some extra Clams
– Arrange your house as you want to: you can place items outside or inside, just use your imagination. If you run out of space, simply stack them up together and enjoy the results
– Complete achievements: they can be accessed by tapping the Bedrock sign in the city view, and they usually reward you with free gold. Check them out, see the requirements and complete these achievements.
– Collect stone every few hours. You get 500 stone each time, and it’s the better option than having Fred go to work there. Instead, use him for interactions and getting clams.

And finally, take your time. The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock is a game that will be updated constantly, and also a title that requires you to be active and log in often, waiting for your characters’ actions to complete. Don’t rush through the game, take it slow and you will soon build the Bedrock of your dreams!

If you have other The Flintstones: Bring Back Bedrock cheats and tips and you want to share them with us, you can do so by commenting below.



    • To Get jack the jackhammer out of storage you have to go to the store then you can go to the little thing that shows the stuff you can put outside and it will show you a work bench and instead of showing you the cost in claims it will just show you the work bench and in the Conner of the picture of the work bench it will say stored: 1 just move it to the yard then get jack.

  1. OK ..I accidently put my frog light in inventory..I went to the shopping place but he is greyed out and it doesn’t say I have him stored…where can I find him?

  2. How do i move the main bed? I dont like it in the location i put it and when i long press on it nothing happens is it permanently where i placed it??

    • Usually the house just gets bigger in size, unless you are ‘opening up a room’ for the 1st time. IE : Pebbles bedroom….. Hope that helps :-)

  3. I wish that the things didn’t cost do my h ,you have to work too hard to get. The monies just to buy things then you have to work double hard to make up the rocks , and gold are the hardest to getting tired of that .

  4. I’m looking for patty the paintbrush I noticed other people have asked but I can’t find it no where and can’t move on bc of it please help

  5. I’m trying to get patty the paint brush and can’t find it anywhere please if somebody knows let me know soon I’m stuck because of that. :(

  6. Need the damn treadmill its not available in the market store help.looked there 4 times now c’mon guys get with the program OK.enough with the winter snow now get rid of it!!

  7. i can’t find trent the treadmill anywhere! has anyone had any luck getting it or know what I might need to do? & the snow needs to go, time for an update obviously!!!

  8. Ok I’m on level 16 in experience (the number and bar at the top of ur screen) and level 12 in missions (box in bottom right corner) So, I’ve already wonder the same questions that u are about patty the paintbrush and Trent the treadmill…. the game will just randomly do it for u when u do a similar action . I’m sorry but I don’t remember what action it was for petty it Trent I got checked off for have Hoppy train with Barney . Another mission I got that threw me was a city mission of got when I collected my experience and clams for he traffic signal. The mission was collect 3 lunch boxes daily in mini game… well, I never got a mini game and some how I’ve gotten two outta there so far just by paying the game daily I guess… likely because I completed a mission with the traffic signal gizmosaur and collected, but that’s just a guess. Hope this helps some of you!! I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME AND PLAY ALL DAY!!! LOL if u want a great neighbor I’m always looking for more!!

    • I don’t have any action for train with Barney! Im stuck can’t go any further until some how I get Trent the treadmill

    • Lacey Rose,
      Would love to add you as a neighbor. I don’t have many friends playing. Seems like you are as addicted as I am!!

      Also, when’s do the rest of the gang appear like Betty, Pebbles, Bam Bam etc?

  9. The lunch boxes are the mini game when you log on the first time each day, where you pick which lunchbox you want, it’s only once a day.
    I love this game but I’m irritated by how long it takes you to earn the stones to build. Its not problem earning the clams but those stones take like a week to earn for one building.
    Theres also a lot of bugs for this game which can get frustrating. Like not being able to find a certain things in the shop.

  10. I’m trying to get garbage disposal but it’s saying I’ve reached my games space limit and I have to store some things,Ive tried that and it’s still saying the same thing…

  11. walter the waste disposal… i’m lvl 23 in game and lvl 20 for missions. I can’t place walter. it keeps telling me to place him on the kitchen counter – but I can’t. I see that he needs to be on an outside wall like the ‘SINK SPRAYER’, BUT IT WILL NOT LET ME DO IT. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS? I’VE contacted LUDIA, BUT HAVE NO response… :-(

  12. My jackhammer has disappeared and I can’t find it anywhere whenever I click on the mission that requires the jackhammer the screen moves to the road but it’s not there?any help or has this happened to anyone else?

  13. I don’t know how to get barney to return from the bank. When I click on him or just says stockholm syndrome?

    • Send Fred and Barny there,for some reason it happens faster that way. Also check every 4 hrs, thats how often they get produced on average

  14. Hi, I’m collectong for Barney’s Egyptian costume. Noticed with this one and others, if left for a while
    After the task has finished it doesn’t not provide towards the costume. Why is this? It takes ages to get the costume because of it.

  15. I want to restart the build back bedrock game. I’ve deleted the app and redownloaded it but it takes me back to where I left off. If someone can help me I’d really appreciate it!!

  16. For anyone who has been stuck on Opportunity Knocks Mission with Hoppy and Trent the Treadmill! You can substitute Trent with the punching bag. You have to move the punching bag outside for Hoppy to practice boxing. I had the boxing bag inside and didn’t have the option, once I moved it outside the option came up.

    • Hey maybe you need to check the character infi the tiny i on it, maybe you need a certain element, detail which you have omitteted, check the missions and try to find out what comes before betty. Hope that helps.

  17. I am on episode 43 and I went to get on the Flintstones and it asked me to play as guest or log in by Facebook. I accidentally pushed play as guest. Now I can’t go back to play my regular game. I have turned my iPad off but nothing helps. I don’t want to start all over. Please help

    • I have done that before a couple times actually…i just X out of it, on my iPad by just swiping it up and try the next day and it usually has refreshed it by then, I have also done that and let my iPad die or turn it off and it usually also works! Hope that helps!

  18. Where do I put Carly the Car Cloth? It says “Can be placed on workbenches only” I have been stuck on this since episode 19 and I am on episode 21 now… #helpplease?

  19. Does anyone know if after an update has been done and all your progress has been wiped out and you’ve lost all your items including gold you’ve purchased with hard earned American curancey is there any way to retrieve it? Tried everything I could think of signed out signed back in made sure I was signed in under Facebook and not as a guest. Waited a day tried again. Rebooted my device tried all of the above numerous times. Tried several other devices still no luck. Ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

  20. What do you have to do to earn a magpieodactyl, I have 1, but no idea how I got it. I’m stuck and could really use some help. Thank you

  21. Hey I am on level 17, it says I should store some things away, which I did but it is not helping. I cant build anything new, I am stuck, it says I have reached the space limit of the game- so I am out of space!! What do I do? Please help!

  22. How do we add people as nabiors i only have 1 and thats the main one (computer) ;) well i know where to add and things but i dont have anyone to add. Is there anyyone that wants to or anyone needing nabiors? :) i am constantly player and only gotten one nabiors? Episode 15 after fredis at the golf course is wilma or Betty and so on, are they spose to be doing other things? Usally in other episodes i had them doing others thing while others was doing other things in the episodes. This is just not the same as the other episodes.

    • Hey Karia, the changing table is in the shop and it’s called ” baby changing table”, and it’s listed under “kids room” look for the mobile

  23. I’m on episode 31 and i need Fred to repair the house. In order to do that I need a special dinosaur and it can only unlock at episode 32… How can I pass this level if I can’t get this mission done?

  24. I built the bank and a robber came in. It seems that barney is stuck in the bank with Stockholm syndrome. Any idea on how to get him out?

  25. Hi I’m having a lot of trouble getting Wilma’s Egyptian costume please help I tried a bunch of task only got one part what task should I do to get the rest

  26. I’m on Level 35 and am trying to purchase the Marvin the Mop.
    it is saying You’re Out of Space. You’ve reach the game’s available space.
    Please store some of your items to continue.
    I have put all of my Gizmosaurs and furniture, cars, lawn decorations back into inventory and it still says Out of Space. Any suggestions?

  27. Can’t find Wasabi the washer, have 2 washers but need Wasabi to finish mission. Think he must be extinct!! And as a non Facebook user won’t be able to do some missions

  28. I can’t even reinstall because the game is not even showing up in my apple store. This is weird. What happened to the Flintstones? I have invested a lot of time in this game. I hope it gets fixed soon and isn’t gone for good.

  29. I am so upset that the Flintstones game has disappeared. I have so much time invested in this game all for nothing. I just earned the music space and had gotten pretty far in the game. I can’t find anything about it on google. It has disappeared from the Apple Store and says it’s not available in this country. I’m still getting notifications but it won’t load. And because it is no longer in the App Store I can’t delete it and reinstall it. If anyone has any news as to what has happened to the game please post it here. If it’s not coming back I’ll delete the stupid thing because I need the space on my iPad. It’s useless anyway if I can’t play it. If anybody finds out anything at all please post it here. Thank you!

  30. What happened to my Flintstones bring back bedrock I have installed it and deleted it over and over I see others on here are having the same issue. I’m on level 28 and it just stopped allowing me to log in. Please notify me of what’s happening with the game. I really enjoyed playing it.


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