The last time we heard of The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Bethesda officially stated that game was delayed for a 2019 release, with no specific window. Well, that all suddenly changed when the game’s release date on the App Store changed to March 28th!

And with a tweet from the official The Elder Scrolls: Blades earlier today, it is confirmed that the game will be available for download by all starting the 28th on the App Store and Google Play Store. Elder Scrolls fans rejoice!

But, do not rejoice too hard! Bethesda is calling this the early access period, which is basically a soft launch of the game. This means that while fans will be able to download the game, you may not be able to actually play it.

Bethesda is slowly rolling out invites to players who pre-registered on the The Elder Scrolls: Blades official website. If you were one of the excited fans who pre-registered, keep an eye on your e-mail to see if you get a notice from Bethesda!

If you did not pre-register, you can still do so on the website, though we do not know how much of a difference it will make. Bethesda has not stated how long the early access period will go on for, nor when they will open the game to everyone.

If you are really dying to experience the latest Elder Scrolls experience, we recommend pre-registering anyways if you have not already done so.


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