The Devil in Me: All Playable Characters


This page contains information and discussion on all of the playable characters in ‘The Devil in Me.’ Learn more about each of them by reading the information that is provided below.

The Devil in Me tells the story of five main characters who are confined in a copy of the “Murder Castle” after being enticed there. The main characters are all members of a film team working on a documentary.


In the fourth chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology, titled “The Devil in Me,” Katherine Wilder, who is also known by her nickname Kate, is one of the five major protagonists and a playable character. She is the presenter of the documentary film program Architects of Murder in addition to being a journalist who investigates crimes.


He is the founder of Lonnit Entertainment and director of the documentary film show Architects of MurderThe characteristics of Charlie have been characterized as sardonic, domineering, and determined.

Charlie’s outfit consists of a navy plaid button-down vest with four pockets, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows beneath, and a dark green tie with a tie clip. He finishes off his look with a tie clip. In addition to that, he wears brown leather boots and yellow pants. In the colder weather, Charlie wraps himself in a dark green overcoat and accessorizes with a gray scarf, a black baseball hat with a yellow visor, and a yellow-visored black baseball cap.


The documentary video show Architects of Murder employs her as an intern in the sound engineering department.

At the beginning of the game, Erin’s relationships with the game’s other protagonists are as follows: Erin’s connection with Kate is the strongest; her relationship with Charlie is also strong; her relationship with Jamie and Mark is neutral.


Architects of Murder is a documentary film program, and she is the principal grip for the show.

Jamie is a young lady who has a dark skin tone and black hair. She has big lips, dark brown eyes with purple makeup, and short, curly red hair with two tracks on the right temple. Her hair is shaved short and curly. Jamie also has a nose piercing and some dainty silver earrings in her ears.

Her connections with the other characters who play a major role in the game at the beginning are as follows: high with Charlie and Mark; neutral with Erin; and poor with Kate.


The documentary video show Architects of Murder has Mark working as the cameraman for the program.

At the beginning of the game, Mark’s relationships with the game’s other characters are as follows: Charlie has the strongest connection with Mark, followed by Jamie, then Erin, and finally Kate has the weakest relationship with Mark.

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The Devil in Me: All Playable Characters


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