How To Keep Everyone Alive in The Devil in Me


On this page, we’ll talk about how to keep everyone alive in Devil in Me!

You can see right away from the title screen of a choice-based game like The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me that your choices have the potential to murder off your player characters. The amount of life-or-death scenarios your characters will certainly encounter in games in The Dark Pictures Anthology is legendary.

You’ll need to play the game carefully if you want to enjoy the tale and keep everyone alive since even the tiniest decision might be the difference between life and death for the Lonnit Entertainment team.

Quick Time Events

Quick Time Events, often known as QTEs, may be found six times throughout The Devil in Me. The Hide and Balance Quick Time Events are two that are brand new to this edition. We will go through how each of these five operate so that you may succeed in all of the QTEs.

  • You must first aim with your mouse or controller, and then you must make contact with the intended target.
  • When your characters are traversing narrow things like bridges, you need to do everything you can to help them maintain their equilibrium. If your characters fail because you failed the challenge, they risk dying.
  • To do a button mash, you must keep pressing the same button again and over.
  • Make sure you press the appropriate button in time with your own heartbeat.
  • To avoid being discovered, you will need to walk to a certain location defined as a hiding area and then hit the hide button.
  • You are required to hit the appropriate button that is shown on the screen.

The Right Answers

  • Use the inhaler in case of a blackout. Erin will perish if you chose to assault her.
  • Silver Ash Institute: When Jaime orders you to, hide in the cupboard. Erin will perish if you decide to flee.
  • When Charlie becomes stuck in the incinerator, choose to lift the grate. Charlie will perish if you decide to plow through the door.
  • If given the option to murder either Kate or Erin, choose Kate. Choosing Erin will result in her death.
  • Give the screwdriver to Jamie if given the choice between keeping it and keeping Jamie. Giving it to Jamie will strengthen your bond, but making either decision won’t sabotage your flawless gameplay.
  • Crushed: For this decision, we’ll suppose that you handed Jamie the screwdriver. A dialogue option and a QTE event will be presented to you when Kate and Jamie are in a room with a glass wall. Select Defiant for the dialogue option, and take no action about the QTE incident (fail it).
  • On the Roof: When Jamie is apprehended on the roof, you must help him. Jamie will perish if you decide to leave.
  • After barricading the barn, you will have the choice of running or climbing, so choose to go inside with Erin, Jamie, and Kate. Select Run. You can climb, but Erin won’t make it.
  • Charlie is challenged by Erin to choose a side. Those who don’t will perish.
  • Boat Battle: A boat fight will take place to end the game. To rescue everyone, you must do a number of steps:
  • Charlie and Erin: To save them, you must complete the Standard Button Press QTE.
  • Jamie: Decide to abandon ship. Even if staying and fighting would harm your relationship, you might choose to do so. Your flawless gameplay won’t be affected either way.
  • Mark: To rescue him, you must succeed in a sequence of QTEs.
Is The Devil in Me Crossplay? Explained

Following all of that, you will be able to ensure that everyone in The Devil in Me survives. If there is a risk that you will not be able to save a particular character, you may utilize the Scene Selector that is located on the Main Menu of the game to return to the previous chapter and try to save them. Which will help you save time so that you don’t have to begin a fresh game, so preventing you from having to do so.

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How To Keep Everyone Alive in The Devil in Me


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