How To Unlock All Trophies and Achievements – The Devil in Me


At the end of November 2022, Supermassive Games presented the final part of Season 1 of The Dark Pictures Anthology. The new title, called The Devil in Me, will tell players a completely new story about a group of people who fell into the clutches of a serial maniac at the World’s Fair. And you will have to make every effort to save characters from the hotel of death. And in this guide, we will tell you how to unlock all Trophies and Achievements in The Devil in Me.

Trophies and Achievements in The Devil in Me

The Devil in Me, like previous games, is an interactive movie in which the outcome depends on your actions. However, this time, Supermassive Games have added several new features to the game, namely the ability to run, climb, use inventory, and various items. Therefore, even more, different choices and plot twists await you.

Also, there are 31 Trophies and Achievements, which are quite hard to get. And if you want to get them all yourself, you will have to play The Devil in Me dozens of times. Therefore, below we have created a list, that will help you unlock all Trophies and Achievements.

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How To Unlock All The Devil in Me Trophies and Achievements

Trophies and AchievementsHow to Unlock
CollectorYou must find all of the Secrets.
PhotogenicYou must find all of the White Framed Pictures.
Camera ShyYou must find all of the Black Framed Pictures.
I Like MoneyYou must Collect 200 obols.
Man of Many InterestsYou must find all of Du’Met’s business cards.
InvestigatorYou must find all of the Silver Framed Secrets.
Say Cheese!You must take a photo of each crew member.
Crime Scene PhotographerYou must find all of Mark’s photo opportunities.
HandyYou must obtain all of the inventory items.
ShockingYou must fix all of the fuse boxes.
ToastyCharlie must maintain control during dinner.
Until Death Do Us Part 2Jeff and Marie must watch each other die.
IgnitedJamie must choose to save Erin in the suffocation chamber.
ExtinguishedJamie must choose to sacrifice herself in the glass trap.
RekindledKate and Mark must rekindle their relationship.
Can You Pet The Dog?Yes, you can pet the dog.
SparksJamie and Erin must kiss.
Lend Me A Hand?Charlie’s hand must be crushed.
0451Jamie must reset the fuse box.
The Cycle ContinuesMark must agree to Du’Met’s proposal.
Award WorthyKate must fall for Du’Met’s impersonation.
GuiltyThe crew mustn’t trust Charlie and he must pay the price.
Hark!Mark must get the lighthouse working.
Shattering ExpectationsKate and Jamie both must escape the glass trap.
PhoenixCharlie must survive the furnace.
Happier EndingThe dog must make it off the island alive.
Happy EndingEveryone must survive.
Unhappy EndingNo one must survive.
Hope You Enjoyed Your StayYou must complete the Solo Story.
Murder CastleYou must complete the prologue.
The ArchitectYou must collect all Trophies above.

That’s all you need to know about Trophies and Achievements in The Devil in Me. Use our list to complete the game 100%. And while you are here, take a look at our Goat Simulator 3 Trophy & Achievements List.

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How To Unlock All Trophies and Achievements – The Devil in Me


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