The Coolest New Cards Added in Pokemon TCG with the Sword and Shield — Fusion Strike Expansion


Earlier, in October, I got my hands on some sweet new cards from the Sword & Shield — Fusion Strike expansion pack, which was released at the beginning of the month. This release was for the event of Pokemon Trading Card Game celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise.

We were introduced to a new gameplay mechanic In Pokemon TCG through the release of Sword & Shield — Battle Styles expansion earlier in the year. This mechanic allowed players to either deliver hard-hitting blows or employ a more tactical battle style.

The newly released expansion, Sword & Shield — Fusion Strike, expands on that very mechanic. There are new ‘Fusion Strike’ cards that usually gain bonuses when other Pokemon possessing Fusion Strike are in the game, which allows players to come up with creative synergies within their decks.

Fusion Strike adds 20 Pokemon V, 13 full-art Pokemon V cards, along with 8 Pokemon VMAX cards. Players can also get their hands on 1 special energy card, 7 Supporter cards, 20 new Trainer cards, as well as a few amazing Mew cards.

Below, I will talk about some of the coolest new cards in the Fusion Strike expansion, some of which I pulled and was super pumped to receive:

Mew VMAX Fusion Strike

  • Cross Fusion: Allows the player to use 1 Benched Fusion Strike Pokemon for 2 Colorless Energy. This means that you get to use costlier Fusion Strike abilities for a cheaper price.
  • Max Miracle: Deals 30 damage, unaffected by any effect on the opponent’s Pokemon.

Genesect V

  • Fusion Strike System: Once during your turn, draw cards until you have as many cards in your hand as you have Fusion Strike Pokemon in play.
  • Techno Blast: Deal 210 damage, while being unable to move the next turn.

Greninja V

  • Water Drip: Deals 40 damage.
  • Dancing Shuriken: Flip a coin 3 times, and deal 80 damage for each head you get.

Celebi V

  • Leaflet Dance: Attach any number of Grass Energy cards from your hand to your Pokemon in any way you like.
  • Slash Back: Switch this Pokemon with 1 of your Benched Pokemon, while dealing 60 damage.

Have you pulled any of the cards mentioned above? Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Coolest New Cards Added in Pokemon TCG with the Sword and Shield — Fusion Strike Expansion


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