The Best Way to Farm SP in Fire Emblem Heroes

how to farm sp in fire emblem heroes guide

Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play strategic RPG game developed by Nintendo for Android and IOS. Here you have to collect different characters from the Fire Emblem series and fight in legendary battles. To win you need to improve your fighters’ performance. This requires a special resource – Skill Points (SP). This guide will tell you about the best ways to farm SP in Fire Emblem Heroes.

The Best Ways to Farm SP (Skill Points) in FEH

Farming SP in Fire Emblem Heroes is not a difficult task, but you need to follow certain rules. First, your character won’t get any SP for defeating an opponent that has a low level in comparison to your hero. The difference shouldn’t be bigger than 7 levels. So, try to find enemies that have a high enough level or use refresh if you want to try the Training Tower.

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Now let’s talk about the best places to farm SP in FEH. Probably one of the most comfortable and profitable ways of farming is Training Tower. There you just need to refresh the roster until you get the enemy that has characters with a high enough level. The other thing you have to do is just maximizing the Training Tower and use some SP gaining buffs if you have one of those.

Training Tower is a good way to farm SP, but there are also some other ones. Tempest Trials provides you with a stamina-effective way to farming SP with challenge stages. Also, you should know about the Double SP Weekends events that allow you to get more SP. Usually, it starts every Friday at 16:00 PST and lasts until Sunday. Use these events wisely to raise your characters faster and fight tougher battles. Good luck with your journey.

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The Best Way to Farm SP in Fire Emblem Heroes


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