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The Best Silverbell Cookie Toppings & Beascuits in Cookie Run Kingdom – Toppings Guide

The Best Silverbell Cookie Toppings & Beascuits in Cookie Run Kingdom – Toppings Guide
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With the arrival of the Beast Yeast continent in CRK, a bunch of new cookies have been unveiled. One such cookie is Silverbell Cookie, and today we’ll check out the best toppings for Silverbell Cookie and the best Beascuits build.

If you haven’t pulled Silverbell Cookie yet, you better go ahead and redeem the latest Cookie Run: Kingdom codes because they give plenty of Crystals and Cookie Cutters to increase your chances – and if you haven’t checked the 3rd Anniversary Event Guide in CRK, then you should!

The Best Silverbell Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

Since there are no special toppings for this cookie, as is the case with Moonlight Cookie, Burnt Cheese Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie and many others, any of the normal toppings below will suffice.

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  • 5x Swift Chocolate

Why 5x Swift Chocolate?

The Swift Chocolate toppings will give you additional cooldown, making everything that this cookie’s skill provides apply a lot faster: the damage, the buffs, and the healing. Given that Silverbell Cookie’s default cooldown is 15s, this will put it down to a 12s cooldown, without any additional stats (just the default 3%x5 + 5% for the set bonus).

Additional Stats You Should Be Aiming For

Some of the additional stats you want include:

  • Cooldown
  • ATK
  • DMG Resist

The reason you want some DMG Resist sub-stats is because Silverbell Cookie is going to be rather squishy, and all the DMG Resist will only keep it alive for longer.

Silverbell Cookie Toppings Build Guide

5x Swift Chocolate:

  • 5x Swift Chocolate with ATK, Cooldown and DMG Resist.

Alternative to Swift Chocolate:

  • 5x Searing Raspberry with cooldown (mandatory), ATK and DMG Resist.

The Best Silverbell Cookie Beascuits in CRK

Now the Beascuits are a new feature, which works in a similar way to the toppings – however, they are class-locked, so you’d need to obtain a Hearty Beascuit for it (which is the Support cookie Beascuit).

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For the Silverbell Cookie Beascuits, you want more Cooldown and possibly some ATK (if you’re lucky). You might also want to consider Attuning them to get more Support stats.

About Silverbell Cookie

Silverbell Cookie is a Support cookie that can heal allies and grant them damage resistance. It’s a really good cookie for Story Mode, but it can also be used in the Arena, although it might not be on par with Snapdragon Cookie or Icicle Yeti Cookie. That’s still to be decided though!

  • Position: Rear
  • Role: Support
  • Skill Description: “Silverbell flowers bloom, periodically healing the allies and granting a DMG Resist buff. Healing targets will also receive bonus healing depending on the number of buffs they currently have. Enemies will receive damage and gain the Silverbell Pollen debuff dealing periodic damage. When Silverbell Pollen’s duration is over, it will cause area damage and Stun the targets in range. Silverbell Cookie is immune to the Spore Dispersal and Mushroom Mutation effects. Perhaps he might provide additional support to his fellow Knights of the Faerie Kingdom…?
  • Release Date: January 19, 2023

How to Get Silverbell Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

At the moment, you can only get Silverbell Cookie and Silverbell Cookie’s Soulstones from the following:

  • Gacha

Have you found our Cookie Run Kingdom Silverbell Cookie toppings guide useful? Leave a comment down below with your preferred toppings, and don’t forget to check our other CRK articles – you’ll definitely find them useful!

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The Best Silverbell Cookie Toppings & Beascuits in Cookie Run Kingdom – Toppings Guide