Pinecone is one of the many gatherable cooking ingredients in Genshin Impact that players can use to make different food items. At current, there are three dishes, namely, Mondstadt Hash Brown, Puppy-Paw Hash Brown and Sautéed Matsutake that players can make using Pinecones and a few other ingredients.

Some of the events and commission quests in Genshin Impact also require Pinecones. One of the most recent examples would be Liben from Marvelous Merchandise event. He quite often asks for Pinecones as one of the three commission items. Overall, Pinecones are items in Genshin Impact that everyone should stock on, and with this article, we will show you the best place to do so.

Best Place to farm Pinecones

In Genshin Impact, the best place to farm Pinecones is Qingce Village bridge. To get there, teleport to the waypoint near ‘Q’ of Qingce Village. You will find two suspension bridges connecting the area near the village. On the bridge, you will find around nine Pinecones. 

In general, Pinecone is a gatherable item that drops below Pine trees. And, finding pine trees is hard. Moreover, the Qingce Village bridge is one of the best locations that offer the most Pinecones at a single location. And that is the reason we find it the best place to farm Pinecones. 

The other location that we think is best for farming Pinecone is North of Cape Oath. Head towards the player icon location(as shown in the above map). You will find around a group of Pine Trees. And, below them, around six Pinecones. 

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

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