COD Mobile best loadout for NA-45

COD Mobile is loaded with amazing guns and elaborate weapon customization. Although ARs and SMGs are generally favored the most, the sniper collection in the game is quite remarkable.

The NA-45 in COD Mobile is a rather unique sniper rifle. You can get that one-shot kill with this gun. In fact, this sniper is the fastest one in the game. With the right attachments and perks, you can go on a killing spree on the battlefield.

COD Mobile: Best Loadout for NA-45 2021

Before we move on to the loadout, this sniper has a superpower you need to know about. The NA-45 shoots exploding rounds. This means that the first shot is a ‘tracker’ and the second follows the tracker and explodes.

Note that the explosion takes place only if both shots hit the same surface. With the explosion, you can slay multiple enemies.

Here’s the best loadout for NA-45 COD Mobile, featured below:

Best NA-45 Attachments

NA-45 (Image via COD Mobile)

Barrel – MIP Extended Light Barrel

Muzzle – MIP Light Flash Guard

Stock – OWC Skeleton Stock

Optic – 4x Tactical Scope

Ammunition – Electromagnetic Ammo

As the base damage of the sniper is high, this loadout is focused on enhancing the range and mobility. The OWC Skeleton Stock, OWC Laser Tactical, and MIP Light Flash Guard will improve the ADS.

Best Perks for NA-45

The best perk for the NA-45 would be the Wounding perk. This, along with the Electromagnetic Ammo, will help you ambush hordes of enemies.

NA-45 (Image via COD Mobile)

Toughness – Dead Silence – Fast Recover is a great combo for the NA-45 sniper. Toughness will help you take steady aim while you’re being shot at, and Fast Recover will sustain you in the game.

Is NA-45 the best sniper in COD Mobile?

Yes, definitely. The NA-45 is one of the best snipers in COD Mobile. However, it can be unlocked only after you get 30 headshots with a sniper rifle. This sniper is really worth the effort. Besides this, the NA-45 can actually help you get the One Shot, One Kill medal.

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