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COD Mobile has about a dozen multiplayer modes. High-action modes like TDM or Frontline don’t favor the use of snipers much—you’ll find most players running around with ARs or SMGs.

But in Search and Destroy mode, Locus is one of the best options. With the right perks and attachments, you can take this sniper into the battleground!

Best Attachments for Locus

Unlike DLQ33, Locus has high mobility and is relatively easier to use. However, tweaking the ADS a bit might make the gun efficient. If you plan on running around with Locus, then the enhanced ADS settings will come in handy.

Locus (Image via COD Mobile)

With this in mind, here are the best Locus attachments for COD Mobile season 8:

Barrel – YKM Lightweight Short

Optic – OWC Tactical

Stock – OWC Skeleton Stock

Ammunition – Stopping Power Reload

Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

The stock, grip, and barrel in this loadout all enhance the ADS of the Locus. Meanwhile, the OWC Tactical makes the sniper suitable for close, mid, and long-range combat. Lastly, the Stopping Power Reload increases the magazine capacity, reduces the reload speed, and improves damage.

To get the best Locus loadout COD Mobile battle royale, replace the OWC Tactical optic with 4x Scope. This will enable you to ambush those distant, unaware enemies.

Best LOCUS Perks

Perks (Image via COD Mobile)

The best perk combination for the Locus would be:

  • Lightweight with Dead Silence, and Amped perks
  • Lightweight, High Alert, and Toughness will be an unbeatable combo
  • Agile, Cold-Hearted, and High Alert would also make a great combination

Note that you can replace the Stippled Grip Tape with the Sleight of Hand perk. Both of these would boost the Aim Down Sight attributes of the weapon.

You can customize the perks and attachments to suit your play style. These are just some recommended combinations.

Some Tips for Using Locus in COD Mobile

Enemies are likely to notice and remember you if you appear at the same locations with your Locus, so make it a point to change your location frequently to give your enemies some nasty surprises.

The most common strategy is to hide and eliminate enemies from a distance. Campers in BR usually hold on to a secure vantage point and angle to slay their competitors.

Locus (Image via COD Mobile)

Alternatively, you can go all pushy and aggressive with your Locus. Just make sure that the attachments boost mobility, and you’re good to go! In fact, the Locus would give you that one-headshot-kill advantage in CQC situations.

Is Locus better than DLQ33?

It really depends on your play style and the mode you are opting for. If you’re a camper in a BR game, then you can do well with both snipers. However, Locus offers more mobility.

Is Locus the best sniper in COD Mobile?

As of season 8, it is certainly one of the best snipers in COD Mobile. It can deal up to 84 damage and has high accuracy. However, if the sniper receives some nerfs in the next updates, then it might be replaced by some other weapon. DR-H and DLQ33 are also great sniper rifles.

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