The Best Deck Builds for Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Bwest Build Guide

Zombie shooters have always been a popular category among gamers. These days, Back 4 Blood is among the most popular zombie games. It shares many similarities with the highly acclaimed Left 4 Dead games as it comes from the same creators. It is an online co-op game where players play as “cleaners” and form a team of four to battle zombies in a post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania.

Back 4 Blood is fun to play, but its deck building system might leave you scratching your head. On top of that, there are various characters who specialize in different roles. For example, you can play as a tanker, rogue, healer, support, etc. Your playstyle highly depends on the cards you choose for building the deck. In this guide, we take a look at the best deck builds for Back 4 Blood.

Popular Builds in Back 4 Blood

Best Tank Build

Tank Build
Tank Build (Image Credit: YouTube/OCZSAVAGE)

A tanker’s role is to attract zombies and help their teammates take them down.

  1. Meth Head
  2.  Padded Suit
  3.  Motorcycle Helmet
  4.  Down In Front!
  5.  Experimental Stun Gun
  6.  Body Armor
  7.  Spiky Bits
  8.  Scar Tissue
  9.  Sadist
  10.  Power Strike
  11.  Bodyguard
  12.  Numb
  13.  Face Your Fears
  14.  Bravado
  15.  Inspiring Sacrifice

Best DPS Build

DPS Build
DPS Build (Image Credit: YouTube/BigRed)

This build is recommended for characters focused on dealing significant damage to enemies.

  1. Hyper-Focused
  2.  Hellfire
  3.  Reckless Strategy
  4.  Knowledge is Power
  5.  Front Sight Focus
  6.  Glass Cannon
  7.  Shredder
  8.  Patient Hunter
  9.  Silver Bullets
  10.  Large Caliber Rounds
  11.  Line ’em up
  12.  Cold Brew Coffee
  13.  Widemouth Magwell
  14.  Ammo Belt
  15.  Hi Vis Sights

Best Medic/Healer Build

Healer Build
Healer Build (Image Credit: YouTube/Tyber_Roman)

This build is great for medic characters like Doc in Back 4 Blood.

  1. Copper Scavanger
  2.  Money Grubbers
  3.  Needs of the Many
  4.  Medical Professional
  5.  Amped Up
  6.  EMT Bag
  7.  Group Therapy
  8.  Field Surgeon
  9.  Support Scavenger
  10.  Utility Scavenger
  11.  On Your Mark….
  12.  Run Like Hell
  13.  Suppressing Fire
  14.  Ammo for All
  15.  Down in Front!

Best Melee Build

Melee build
Melee Build (Image Credit: YouTube/BigRed)

Many players love to play a melee build with Holly. If you are one of them, give this deck a try.

  1. Meth Head
  2.  Brazen
  3.  Slugger
  4.  Adrenaline Fueled
  5.  Rhythmic Breathing
  6.  Natural Sprinter
  7.  Berserker
  8.  Mean Drunk
  9.  Spiky Bits
  10.  Heavy Hitter
  11.  Reckless Strategy
  12.  Killer’s Instinct
  13.  Battle Lust
  14.  Face Your Fears
  15.  Reload Drills

There are many other types of deck builds in Back 4 Blood. Players can combine various cards to create hybrid builds like Melee Tank, Healer Support, Tank DPS, etc.

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The Best Deck Builds for Back 4 Blood


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