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The Best Character Teams in Garena Free Fire

The Best Character Teams in Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royals for Android and iOS. Since 2017, the developers have been making changes and diversifying the gameplay with new weapons, heroes, game modes, maps, and a lot of customization content with bonuses. Land mines, random airstrikes, traps, and more await you in every match.

The unique abilities of the characters are considered an important aspect of the project. Their effect is more obvious when played in a team of four. By combining heroes with specific skills, you can create powerful synergies that will allow you to implement any tactical idea.

In this article, we offer to take a closer look at the system for combining characters and their skills and discuss the most interesting teams you can use.

A Combination of Heroes to Increase the Mobility of the Squad

Movement speed plays a key role in any battle royale. Many professional Free Fire players prefer to rely on it. If your character covers distances just a little faster than the rest of your opponents, you gain a huge advantage in the match. Team up with Alok, Kelly, Joseph, and Caroline to increase your movement speed.

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Combination of Heroes to Increase Health

This combination of heroes affects the increase in the maximum HP in matches. Combine the skills of Alok, Lucio, Ethan, and Miguel for a bonus to health and regeneration rate. If you like an aggressive style of fighting, then we advise you to collect this particular team.

Combination of Heroes for Landing In Hot Spots

This combination is ideal for landing at some of the most popular locations on the map. Alok will temporarily increase the speed of the entire unit. Shani will provide armor regeneration for kills and the ability to upgrade body armor to level 3. Andrew will increase your damage resistance and allow you to stay longer to complete the match.

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The Best Character Teams in Garena Free Fire


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