Tetris 99

The incredibly engaging battle royale game Tetris 99 has received a new update today, which introduces some features to the game.

The new update introduces not only a new victory screen but also new low and high hard drop sensitivity settings, which give players some new possibilities during the game. Sadly, it seems like this is everything that’s been changed in the game.

Tetris 99 is a unique take on the modern Tetris formula. In each match, 99 players compete to see who is the one that can last the longest during the match itself.

Making the whole game quite engaging are the attack options, which allow players to target specific players as well as those who are near KO, are attacking the player and more.

While very simple on paper, this system allows players to come up with different strategies, making the experience quite deep compared to regular Tetris.

Tetris 99 is now available on the eShop for free in all regions.


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