In Terraria, you’ll need your trusty Pickaxe to dig through the world. There are many Pickaxes to choose from, and the main attribute you want to look out for is Pickaxe Power, which determines what kind of blocks the Pickaxe can break. Higher Pickaxe Power also means faster mining, so you’ll always want the strongest Pickaxe. Today, we’ll show you what the different Pickaxe tiers are in Terraria!

What are the Different Pickaxe Tiers in Terraria?

Tier 1: 35-49% Pickaxe Power

This is the beginning tier of Pickaxes. You can mine dirt, sand, clay, mud, silt, ash, snow, slush, hardened sand, spikes, wooden spikes, stone, ebonsand, gold, and regular bricks with the Pickaxes from this tier.

  • Cactus: 35%
  • Copper: 35%
  • Tin: 35%
  • Iron: 40%
  • Lead: 43%
  • Silver: 45%

Tier 2: 50-54% Pickaxe Power

Tier 2 Pickaxes can mine meteorite.

  • Tungsten: 50%

Tier 3: 55-64% Pickaxe Power

Tier 3 Pickaxes can mine crimtane and demonite ore.

  • Gold: 55%
  • Candy Cane: 55%
  • Fossil: 55%
  • Bone: 55%
  • Platinum: 59%
  • Reaver Shark: 59%

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Tier 4: 65-99% Pickaxe Power

Tier 4 Pickaxes can mine hellstone, obsidian, ebonstone blocks, crimstone blocks, fossils, and dungeon bricks.

  • Nightmare: 65%
  • Deathbringer: 70%

Tier 5: 100-109% Pickaxe Power

Tier 5 is the first tier you get upon entering Hardmode, which means you can mine cobalt and palladium.

  • Molten: 100%

Tier 6: 110-149% Pickaxe Power

Tier 6 Pickaxes can mine mythril and orichalcum ore.

  • Cobalt: 110%
  • Palladium: 130%

Tier 7: 150-199% Pickaxe Power

Tier 7 Pickaxes can mine adamantite and titanium.

  • Mythril: 150%
  • Orichalcum: 165%
  • Adamantite: 180%
  • Titanium: 190%

Tier 8: 200-209% Pickaxe Power

Tier 8 Pickaxes can mine chlorophyte ore, the green ore from the Jungle that is required for a lot of endgame crafting recipes.

  • Spectre: 200%
  • Chlorophyte: 200%
  • Pickaxe Axe: 200%
  • Shroomite Digging Claw: 200%

Tier 9: 210% and above Pickaxe Power

Tier 9 is the final tier, so fittingly these Pickaxes can mine everything in the game, in addition to the lihzahrd bricks found in the Jungle Temple.

  • Picksaw: 210%
  • Vortex: 225%
  • Nebula: 225%
  • Solar Flare: 225%
  • Stardust: 225%

Those are all the Pickaxes in Terraria. If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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