The Glass Kiln is a special crafting station in Terraria that players can use to craft Glass-based furniture. Players can also use it to craft items that require a furnace. The Glass Kiln is a must-have crafting station in Terraria and keeping that in mind, we have prepared a handy guide on how players can craft a Glass Kiln.

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How to Get a Glass Kiln

In Terraria, players can craft the Glass Kiln crafting station using eighteen units of Any Iron Bar, eight units of Torch, and an Iron or Lead Anvil.

Crafting Ingredients for Glass Kiln

  • Lead Bar X 18 or Iron Bar X 18
  • Torch X 8

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Once you have the required materials, go to an Iron Anvil or a Lead Anvil and interact with it. With the ingredients in hand, you will get the option to craft the Glass Kiln.

What is Glass Kiln Used For?

As we mentioned earlier, the Glass Kiln is a crafting station in Terraria. Players can use it to craft items related to Glass, including:

  • Glass Bathtub
  • Glass Bed
  • Glass Bookcase
  • Glass Candelabra
  • Glass Candle
  • Glass Chair
  • Glass Chandelier
  • Glass Chest
  • Glass Clock
  • Glass Door
  • Glass Dresser
  • Glass Lamp
  • Glass Piano
  • Glass Sink
  • Glass Sofa
  • Glass Table
  • Glass Toilet
  • Glass Work Bench

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And that’s all! If you have any questions regarding crafting a Glass Kiln, ask us in the comments below.

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game currently available on PS4, Xbox, Android, PC, iOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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