The Water Bolt is one of the unique magic weapons in Terraria that players cannot buy from NPCs, craft themselves, obtain from chests, farm from enemies, or via any other traditional methods. The method to obtain the Water Bolt is as unique as the weapon itself.

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In this Terraria guide, we will share details on how exactly you can get the Water Bolt.

How to Get the Water Bolt

The Water Bolt magic weapon is well hidden as one of the many books on shelves found in the Dungeon.

To get the Water Bolt, you’ll have to head towards the vertical center of the Underground layer and then mine all the books you encounter using a Pickaxe tool.

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Alternatively, you can hover your cursor on the books found in Dungeon. As soon as you see a tooltip icon appearing on a book, you can mine it as it is a Water Bolt.

Make sure you are standing close to the books, as the tooltip icon will not appear if you are too far away from the books.

What is Water Bolt?

The Water Bolt is a magic weapon in Terraria that has an average knockback, decent damage, good critical chance, and a very fast use time.

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When players use the Water Bolt magic weapon, it auto-fires a slow, blue, ricocheting water-ball projectile that travels in straight lines, unaffected by gravity and piercing multiple enemies at once. 

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