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Terraria: How to Summon and Defeat Duke Fishron

Terraria: How to Summon and Defeat Duke Fishron

Terraria Hardmode is loaded with challenging bosses and powerful weapons. Duke Fishron is one of the toughest bosses to beat in Terraria. The boss looks like a fish with dragon wings, a cow’s snout, and mammoth tusks.

Although Duke Fishron is a completely optional boss, it can give you some powerful weapons like Bubble Gun, Tempest Staff, Flarion, and more. The boss can also drop Fishron Wings, healing potions, and other useful items.

Terraria boss guide: summoning and defeating Duke Fishron

Duke Fishron with Sharknado - Terraria
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You can summon the boss by fishing in the Ocean while using Truffle Worms as bait. Unlike the rest of the fishing bait, Truffle Worms are incredibly rare and somewhat frustrating to obtain.

To begin, these worms only spawn in Mushroom Biomes. You’ll occasionally see them sprout out from the ground. Catch them with any of the available bug nets before they despawn or get killed by a random enemy.

To farm Truffle Worms, simply carve out a flat area inside an existing Mushroom Biome and wait for them to spawn. They’ll spawn more often with Water Candles and Battle Potions, but so will other monsters.

Duke Fishron can be summoned even in Pre-Hardmode worlds as long as players have Truffle Worms with them. His stats will remain the same unless the other world is running on a different difficulty setting.

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Tips for beating Duke Fishron

Vortex Blaster vs. Duke Fishron
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As with every boss in Terraria, it’s best to build an arena before starting the Duke Fishron fight. Several long platforms over the ocean’s surface with a row of Asphalt Blocks at the bottom are more than enough. Just make sure to have enough grapple points for Grappling Hooks to latch onto.

The boss arena should have placeable items like Heart Lanterns, Campfires, and Sunflowers to passively boost the player’s stats. Also, consider making small pools of honey to boost health regeneration even further.

Another general tip for boss fights is to prepare as many buffs as possible. For Duke Fishron, an Inferno Potion is almost mandatory because of its ability to pop incoming Detonating Bubbles. Apart from this and the best food item players can get, make sure to drink the following potions:

  • Regeneration
  • Lifeforce
  • Endurance
  • Ironskin
  • Wrath
  • Swiftness
  • Magic Power/Magic Regeneration (for mages)
Zenith vs Duke Fishron
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay

The Duke Fishron fight will involve a lot of dodging, which means fast wings, long Grappling Hooks, and accessories that buff movement speed are very important. The Shield of Cthulhu and Solar Flare Armor have handy dash moves that can help players get out of trouble.

The boss can be summoned as soon as players enter Hardmode. However, due to the sheer difficulty of the fight, he is best faced after getting high-tier equipment. Here are some suggestions for each main class archetype:

  • Warrior: Influx Waver/Vampire Knives—Chlorophyte Armor
  • Ranger: Chain Gun/Tactical Shotgun with Crystal or Chlorophyte Bullets—Shroomite Armor
  • Mage: Spectre Staff/Laser Machinegun—Spectre Armor
  • Summoner: Sanguine Staff/Blade Staff—Spooky Armor

Post-Moonlord gear will greatly improve the odds of beating Duke Fishron more easily. Even so, it’s still going to be a difficult boss fight, so make sure to polish up those dodging skills.

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Terraria: How to Summon and Defeat Duke Fishron


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