Terraria Hardmode is loaded with challenging bosses and powerful weapons. Duke Fishron is one of the toughest bosses to beat in Terraria. The boss looks like a fish with dragon’s wings, a cow’s snout, and mammoth tusks.

Although Duke Fishron is a completely optional boss, it can give you some powerful weapons like Bubble Gun, Tempest Staff, Flarion, and more. The boss can also drop Fishron Wings, healing potions, and other useful items.

Terraria Boss Guide: Summoning and Defeating Duke Fishron

First of all, summoning Duke Fishron is a bit tricky. You can summon the boss by fishing in the Ocean. You will need a Truffle Worm bait to lure the boss out of water. However, catching this Truffle Worm is a bit of trouble.

To begin with, this worm is a rare critter. For catching it, you will have to use a Bug Net, Golden Bug Net, or the Lavaproof Bug Net. You can do this in the Glowing Mushroom biome.

Duke Fishron (Terraria Wiki)

Duke Fishron can be summoned in Hardmode as soon as you enter it. Truffe Worm can only be found in the Hardmode. However, if you get your hands on the Truffle Worm in Pre-Hardmode, then you can spawn Duke Fishron in the Pre-Hardmode world.

If you are in the Ocean, you can also fish out the boss from lava or honey.

Some Tips to Defeat Duke Fishron

With the Detonating Bubbles and Sharknadoes, Duke Fishron can be challenging to beat. However, there are some ways around it. Make it a point to fight him during the day as Cthulhunadoes will be hard to see at night.

Try using an Inferno Potion. As this potion creates a ring of fire around you, you will be protected against the bubbles. Dodge the attacks or shield yourself with the Shield of Cthulhu.

Duke Fishron in Phase 2 (Terraria Wiki)

If you don’t have Water Walking Boots or Potion, build a platform on the surface of the ocean. This will prevent you from sinking.

Although you can defeat this boss anytime after you enter the Hardmode, wait till you get good armor. Post-Golem armor and weapons will make this fight easier.

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