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How to Get Aglet in Terraria

How to Get Aglet in Terraria

Terraria, the sandbox game, has innumerable crafting items, accessories, weapons, and much more. Some accessories are purely decorative, some give you cool buffs, and others have some uses.

One such accessory is an aglet. Notice those caps on your shoelaces? That’s an aglet. In Terraria, the aglet will boost your speed by 5%. Further, it can be used to craft some other useful items.

Terraria: How to Get and Use an Aglet

The Aglet in Terraria is a tiny accessory that increases your movement speed by 5%. This means, your base speed will go from 15mph to 16mph.

Aglet (Terraria Wiki)

You can easily get an Aglet from Pearlwood Crates, Wooden Crates, and even surface Chests. You can fish out Wooden Crates in any layer of Pre-Hardmode. Similarly, you can fish in any layer of Hardmode and get Pearlwood Crates.

Lightning Boots (Terraria Wiki)

Aglets can be used for crafting Lightning Boots. To craft these boots, you need Spectre Boots, Anklet of Wind, and an Aglet. Head over to Tinkerer’s Workshop to put these together.

If you have Anklet of Wind, you can equip Aglet to further boost your speed. If you decide to sell off the Aglet, it will fetch you 50 silver coins.

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How to Get Aglet in Terraria


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