Powerful magic weapons in Hardmode are something that every Terraria player wishes for. Luckily, there are some great weapons that help you all the way through Hardmode (or at least halfway).

The Crystal Serpent is one such magic weapon that is effective against several bosses. Moreover, it’s easy to obtain and use.

Terraria: Getting and Using the Crystal Serpent

The Crystal Serpent, at a glance, resembles a staff. But it is not a staff. Unlike a staff, Crystal Serpent cannot be crafted. Instead, you can get the weapon by fishing in The Hallow at any layer.

Crystal Serpent (Terraria Wiki)

The Crystal Serpent shoots a glowing pink projectile. This projectile, upon hitting a thick block wall, splits into 3 or 5 smaller projectiles. However, the projectile might pass through a thinner wall (a block-thick wall).

As the Crystal Serpent does not need any special conditions to spawn, it’s smarter to fish it at the start of Hardmode.

Crystal Serpent Projectiles (Terraria Wiki)

The magic weapon does a decent damage of 40, has a low mana cost of 9, and the use time is average as well. The splash damage of weapon is effective against hordes, enormous bosses, and also slower enemies.

To make the most of the Crystal Serpent, combine it with strong armor. The best modifier for this magic weapon would be Mythical.

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