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The Moon Stone is a Hardmode accessory in Terraria that is really useful during the battles with the mechanical bosses since these take place at night. This item has a 2.86% / 4.29% (1/35 / 1/23) drop chance from Vampires during the Solar Eclipse event. Moon Stone also has a counterpart in the game known as the Sun Stone.

Moon Stone is an ingredient that combines with Sun Stone to craft Celestial Stone at Tinkerer’s Workshop. For this reason, many players want to get it in Terraria. Here’s an essential guide on how to get a Moon Stone.

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How to get Moon Stone in Terraria

Getting Moon Stone in Terraria

While there are many ways to get Moon Stone, one of the most effective methods is by placing a Water Candle or consuming the Battle Potion. This is because the Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse do not have a set spawn rate.

Besides this, players can also get it from Vampires while its counterpart Sun Stone can be obtained from the Golem boss. While these two items might seem similar to many gamers in terms of names and looks, both work entirely differently and have unique characteristics.

The Moon Stone is an accessory that enhances the overall player’s stats at night, while the Sun Stone increases overall stats in daylight. Therefore, players should not confuse between these two, as although they both add stats, the Moon Stone can also turn you into a werewolf when misused.

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