In Terraria, Trifold Map is one of the hard mode accessories that immunes the confused debuff. While it’s a rare accessory to find in Terraria, it’s one of the most important ingredients required to craft The Plan, further used to make the Ankh Charm.

To be more specific, even if a player kills a million light mummies, the probability of dropping the next trifold map still remains at 1%. Being one of the drop items, Terraria players are always hunting for the Trifold map, and many of them might not even know about the process to get one. For those, we’ve listed below a guide for the same followed by some tips and tricks to farm it easily.

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How to get Trifold Map in Terraria

How to get Trifold Map - Terraria - YouTube
Obtaining Trifold Map in Terraria

The only way to obtain a Trifold Map in Terraria is to get through Clowns, Light Mummies, Giant Bats, and Spectral Mummies. These creatures drop the Trifold Map after dying. Thus, players have to assassinate them to obtain this hard more accessory.

But as we mentioned earlier, it’s not guaranteed that you will get the item in drop every time. Shockingly, Trifold Map only has 1/100 (1%) / 1/50 (2%) drop chances. Therefore, the drop chances are completely random.

However, we recommend getting Triford Map from Giant Bats instead. This is because Giant Bats are pretty easy to find and more numerous in nature. Build a hollow space underground approximately 350 blocks wide and 125 blocks tall, and wait for the bats to spawn inside it. 

You can also speed up this process with grinders and assassinate a bunch of Giant bats that eventually increase the drop chances of Trifold Map.

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