Terraria is an adventure game with a huge amount of different content. You can make your character a really strong fighter that relies on strength or wisdom. One of the possible “classes” in Terraria is summoner that fights with help of the different creatures. Forbidden armor is a very useful set for this class and many players are interested in getting it. But, in order to craft it, you will need a lot of materials including Forbidden Fragments. These are drop items that you may obtain from Sand Elementals. This guide will tell you how to find and defeat them in Terraria.

How to Find the Sand Elemental in Terraria

Sand Elementals in Terraria are Hardmode enemies that spawn in the Desert during a Sandstorm. The last one is a special event that happens occasionally. You may see a lot of different enemies from the Underground Desert on the surface and meet some new opponents, like Sand Elementals or Sand Sharks. When you will reach the Hardmode, you will need to go to the Desert during the Sandstorm. There you will be able to meet the Sand Elemental.

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How to Defeat the Sand Elemental in Terraria

Defeating the Sand Elemental in Terraria may be difficult if you don’t have good equipment. This type of enemy attacks you from the distance by summoning three Ancient Storms. These will be spawned in the random places near the elemental and will damage you if you step on them. Storms are stationary, but be careful as they can limit your movement.

Defeating the Sand Elemental is not very difficult. Just stay away from its storms and hit it with a ranged weapon and eventually you will kill it. If you are a summoner or mage, then it won’t be problematic as you will have a lot of range weapons and summons. The only problem may appear if you are a warrior, but in this case, you won’t be interested in defeating Sand Elementals as they don’t have anything useful for you.

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