The Drill Containment Unit is a special item in Terraria that requires numerous items to craft, including materials from the final boss of the game. The Drill Containment Unit will summon a very cool mount that makes mining a breeze when used, so it’s worth the trouble of getting it. Today, we’ll show you how to get a Drill Containment Unit in Terraria!

How to Get a Drill Containment Unit in Terraria

The Drill Containment Unit is an endgame mount item that summons the Drill Mount. You’ll need to defeat the Moon Lord in order to acquire this mount, in addition to gathering many materials found throughout the whole game. The total material list is:

  • Luminite Bars x 40
    • Luminite Ore from Moon Lord
  • Chlorophyte Bars x 40
    • Chlorophyte Ore from the Jungle
  • Shroomite Bars x 40
    • Combine Glowing Mushrooms with Chlorophyte Bars with an Autohammer
  • Spectre Bars x 40
    • Combine Ectoplasm with Chlorophyte Bars with an Adamantite/Titanium Forge
  • Hellstone Bars x 40
    • Combine Hellstone Ore and Obsidian with a Hellforge
  • Meteorite Bars x 40
    • Meteorite from Meteorite Crash Sites

As you can see, the Drill Containment Unit is quite possibly one of the most expensive things to make in all of Terraria. We hope you’ve been keeping your extra ores from all the past armor and weapons you’ve made, as you’re going to need them in order to craft the Drill Containment Unit.

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How to Use the Drill Mount

Using the Drill Containment Unit will summon the Drill Mount, a mount that can fly indefinitely. It’s got decent speed, but it’s not the fastest mount in the whole game. Its main feature is that it comes equipped with mining lasers!

You can aim the lasers just like any normal weapon and attack to fire them. The Drill Mount’s mining lasers can mine every single block in the game, and it also mines background furniture. Unfortunately, this means that you can’t use weapons while riding the Drill Mount, so be careful.

And that’s how you get a Drill Containment Unit in Terraria! If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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