The Martian Probe is a Terraria’s Hardmode exclusive post-Golem flying enemy identical to the Goblin scout in terms of visuals. Initially, it will appear with a green light that turns red after detecting a player. However, it’s worth noting that Martian Probe can’t trespass the blocks until it spots a player. Thus, players should be cautious and detect it using Lifeform Analyzer.

Like other enemies in Terraria, the Martian Probe is also specific to some locations and doesn’t spawn everywhere. Here’s a guide that unveils the location where players are more likely to encounter Martian Probe on their way.

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How to find Martian Probe in Terraria

Terraria Martian Probe

Martian Probe is commonly found in the outer two-thirds of the map, i.e., the space layer. Besides this, players can also use items like Water Candles triple the Martian Probe’s spawn chance. They can summon above the maximum player height; hence they can detect the player without being noticed.

Players should keep in mind that its spawn rate is reduced significantly once Martian Madness is completed. Although it’s not meant to do physical damage, the Martian Probe act as a trigger for the event.

Even if the player tracks the Martian Probe up to the sky until it evades, it vanishes before reaching the top of the map. As a result, the Martian Madness event will not occur.

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